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2223 AU   Jan 2016

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Influences:   Bruce Molsky, The Wailin Jennys, My Brightest Diamond, Gillian Welch, Andrew Bird, The Stray Birds, Mandolin Orange, Florence and the Machine, Aioffe O'Donovan, First Aid Kit, Show Ponies, I’m With Her, Bjork, Imogen Heap, Kenny Baker, Hanneke Cassel, Feist, Crooked Still, Glen Hansard, Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, Local Natives, Patrick Watson, Brittany Hass, Darol Anger, Jay Ungar, Mark O’Connor, David Grisman, Tony Rice,

Excited for my third FAWM. It’s a busy month, so who knows what will happen, but I am willing to stick around and find out! Lots of changes this year- living in Australia, lots of new musicians to play with and life changes to write about! FAWM was amazing last year and I really enjoyed this community. Looking forward to another good one!

I am a classical violinist, turned opera singer, turned folky fiddle player. Lots of interesting music was played along the journey to get here. I love playing bluegrass and old timey music. I have really enjoyed the social aspect that this style of music allows. I also love playing lush pretty string arrangements to cool singer-songwriter type music. And singing! I still sing.


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  • @ceilidh  Feb 16

    Thank you for your comments on Beast is Best and Tiny Home! I've long worried about those on the streets with mental illness. As a former banker, I periodically saw one customer whose religion prohibited getting medical help. Every time she found a new apartment, she would start calling the police about her neighbors irradiating her through the walls etc. and would soon be on the street again. It broke my heart that she could not be referred to a doctor for help, and would repeat this cycle again and again.

  • @majordanby  Feb 15

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Much appreciated.

  • @jonmeta  Feb 14

    I'm enjoying your songs, and very impressed with your fiddle playing. I know classical players who've moved to mountain style fiddling and there's a certain stiffness or correctness in their playing that doesn't quite capture the soul of it, but to my ear you've mastered the genuine sound!
    My wife comes from a bluegrass family in Midwest USA (her brother in law used to play with Kenny Baker) and I came to love it and still do, even though it's not what I write! I hope you post more soon.
    PS: The "social aspect" was one of the things I loved most, when my wife was travelling with her own band. What other form of popular music gets pros and amateurs, young and old, jamming together between shows? It's an amazing community.

  • @mikeskliar  Feb 11

    thanks for your comment on my song 'liar'--- btw, after listening to your 'house is falling down" (which as i commented is really wonderful) you might like the 'very americana' thing i just did as a collab, called 'blind'. anyway, welcome back to fawm!

  • @lanasolyluna Feb 11

    Thank you! Hope you’re having a great FAWM.

  • @mikeb Feb 11

    Thanks for the comment on 'Old Green Shirt'!

  • @mkd  Feb 10

    Thank you!

  • @igg Feb 9

    Once again I find you here....and wait for your tunes....And once more say we should collaborate...

  • @leepat  Feb 8

    yep, the boy band bailed out on me, so I ended up with a bunch of Thom Yorke wannabes. Thanks for listening!

  • @tan482  Feb 6

    Yay, let's do this! 😮

  • @tan482  Jan 28

    Dani!! Get on here and get into FAWM again! We can do this... mum power! Xox

  • @max  Jan 2019

  • @fearlessflight2014  Jan 2019

    Hope you will be on board this year Dani!