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Long Beach US   Jan 2016

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Influences:   The British Invasion, Motown, Soul, 60s psychedelic, The Beatles, The Animals,Dave Clark Five, the Stone Roses, The Smiths, Bob Dylan, Noel Gallagher, Tom Petty. Laura Nyro, Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, John Prine, John Hiatt, Iris Dement, Lucinda Williams, Blaze Foley, Pat MacDonald, Casey Chambers, Finn Brothers, Paul Simon ,The Pretenders ,Rickie Lee Jones, The Black keys, Kurt Vile , Courtney Barnett, pj.Harvey, Ani defranco, ...all of you guys xxc

I’m here in 2021 THis is FAWM # 6
And what a year it has been...

Don’t know what this fawm has in store for me.
I’m just going to go with the flow and see what it brings me.

I have been doing doing a ZooM hand drum course since Sept to keep me from going crazy.
So hopefully some of my own drumming will show up somewhere

I am open for collaborations..
Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Recorded using MusicMemos and GarageBand on my iPad.

Kala tenor uke
1930s? Vintage mahagony baritone uke
Kala concert uke
Tahitian 8 string uke
Fender Stratocaster
Gibson songwriter acoustic
Bruce Lee Rose Cigarbox bass
1982 Casio PT-1 keyboard
Shakers, scissors, rattles,brushes
banging on the table.
toilet roll

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  • @expendablefriend 3 hours

    ish! I'll be around a bit, but probably not full FAWM. Happy hunting; hope to hear some hand drumming!

  • @cts 14 hours

    Hello there! Wow - you have a Bruce Lee Rose Cigarbox bass? How cool is THAT?!?

  • @charliecheney  18 hours

    Sweet. Dig dig dig.

  • @quork  1 day

    Rock on, Cynthia.

  • @standup  1 day

    Welcome to 2021. Can't wait to hear some banging on tables.

  • @srcoops 2 days

    Happy to hear from you! Brewing up some ideas and hope to bring them into completion.

  • @nancyrost  2 days

    Looks like a fun group of instruments this year - and hand drumming class! I'll be listening too. 😀

  • @roddy  2 days

    Hello, thanks for your message, good to see you back too.

  • @johnstaples  2 days

    Hey Cynthia! Here's to the best dang FAWM ever!!! Woo Hoo!

  • @judypie  2 days

    Wit, wat?! Me?? 😁 You too chica!

  • @zecoop  2 days

    Helloooooooo!! So good to see you here and really looking forward to your amazing music! 😀

  • @tamsnumber4  3 days

    Happy FAWMing!!

  • @kovbleu  4 days

    Hi Cynthia!! I hope you're back! Happy FAWMING <3

  • @judypie  6 days

    Are you in? Hope you’re well! X

  • @sailingmagpie  1 week

    Hope you're back for some more craziness this year!

  • @guatecoop  1 week

    Hellos to you! I hope that you are well and look forward to hearing your music again this year. Last year was so cool how you did so many new things. I hope to channel that this year. Best wishes to you!