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  Feb 2009

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Influences:   “Music is a world within itself/it’s a language we all understand...” - Steveland Morris.

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  • @musicsongwriter 1 hour

    Hello Craig, thank you for your kind note. Yes it will be wonderful to catch up on the collaborations we had in mind. I don't believe I heard your song. Please let me know of the link if you have it uploaded or let me hear it. I'm always very keen to hear your amazing songs.
    Have a great time.

  • @atitlan 6 hours

    As soon as I saw 'Hashtag Heroes', I thought that's too good for someone not to already be using it as a band name.

  • @musicsongwriter 8 hours

    Hi Craig. I'm joining John Staples's sentiment.

  • @headfirstonly  1 day

    Hey Craig! How ya doing?

  • @petemurphy 1 day

    Eeeeeevenin'! Hope you have the funnest time!

  • @kovbleu  1 day


  • @acousticmaddie  2 days

    Hi! I hope you are all good. Yeah I will do some fawm just not as much as without traveling:) : Happy FAWM to ya.

  • @chasingandromeda  2 days

    Here's hoping Vegas is pumping you up for February! it's darn near jelly time, my friend!

  • @guatecoop  2 days

    Hey there!! What’s your focus this year? It was Prince last year, right? Or are years blurring? You always have a focus that I couldn’t do or wouldn’t think of. I love it!

  • @oddbod  3 days

    Jelly cat, Jelly cat
    What are they feeding you?

    Have a good un

  • @axl 4 days

    Hey Craig! The answer is YES! 😀

  • @vomvorton  4 days

    Ready! I hope your factory is well stocked for 2019!

  • @kahlo2013  4 days

    Let’s do this! Looking forward to your music!

  • @boyatheart 4 days

    I'm counting on it bro'. I'm looking forward to some fine jelly from you and creating some too. 😀

  • @tcelliott  4 days

    Heya, Craig. Good to see you around.

  • @johncrossman  4 days

    Joyous picture. Lalalalaaaaah...!

  • @lhcisco  4 days

    What's up man!! Welcome back!!

  • @johnstaples  4 days

    Hey Craig!

    Can't wait
    To collaborate
    When FAWM begins
    With you, my friend!

  • @kahlo2013  4 days

    Almost time Craig! Let’s FAWM!

  • @standup  4 days

    Hey Craig — looking forward to the insanity

  • @chandra83  5 days

    Allo! 😀

  • @boyatheart 5 days

    Dude! Bro'! My Man! How ya doin'? Ready to tear the roof off the sucker?

  • @metalfoot  5 days

    Here's to feeling the groove of the music in FAWM this year! Cheers!

  • @writeandwrong  5 days

    Hi, Craig! Looking forward to hearing many great cts tunes during FAWM 2019!!! 😀 G'luck!!!

  • @dragondreams  5 days

    Hi Craig! 😀
    I'm really hoping we get chance to work together this year!
    Yours, hopefully,
    Moi Aussi

  • @nancyrost  5 days

    😀 Maybe at Fawmstock? I aim to make it out there in July!

  • @airbagtester  5 days

    D'oh! I broke my delicious youtube funk links! Let me try that again:
    Orgone - "Duck and Cover"
    The Fatback Band - "Mr. Bassman"
    The tastiest one IMO:
    Orgone - "Don't Stop"

  • @airbagtester  5 days

    Awwww YEAH! Better run for cover!
    Hey Mister Bassman! Play that funky beat!
    And last but not least, don't stop!

  • @fearlessflight2014  5 days

    Am once again wild with expectation for some JELLY!!

  • @tamsnumber4  5 days

    Hoping to hear some delish music friend!

  • @sph  6 days

    Let the bass roar and smooth it with your voice.

  • @phylo  6 days

    We've missed these last few times. Not this time, my friend.

  • @fuzzy  6 days

    Have a great February!!!!!!