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Influences:   Laura Marling, Indigo Girls, Guy Garvey, The Unthanks, and the Mitchells (Anais & Joni, not Phil & Grant).

Use the social networky links up there if you'd like to see what I do when it's *not* FAWM.

And if you're here reading this, listen to my friend @Woolford's songs - he's the most talented songwriter I know.

Singer since birth. Songwriter & guitarist since 2004. I'm a data analyst, which correctly implies a lot about me, but I refuse to discuss it. ESPECIALLY if we're at a party. Christ.

I'm up for collabing with anyone if I'm into what they do. Demos I post here aren't meant to be made public - FAWM is a special place where nobody minds that I haven't learned my own songs yet - but let's talk. (If you're business-minded, start with that. I'm usually happy with 50/50.)

In 2017 I tried FAWM and got a big crush on this way of writing. I did half of 50/90 and fell in love with it. In 2018 I guess I'm married to it.

I'm going to try for 28 songs, but 14 would also be great. I'm considering making a Patreon: as long as one-take demos count as content people might want to pay a quid for, it could be worthwhile...

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