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Northern California US   Feb 2013

Artist Bio

Influences:   Folk, filk, nerdcore, choral music, epics, musical theatre, barbershop, Celtic music, punk, chap hop

Pronouns: I don't really care, just don't confuse everyone by doing things like referring to me as "he" and "she" in the same sentence.

PSA: It takes me as long to compose a comment as a song. I don't know why. I seem to do all right in the forums, but I fear I will never join the Century Club.
This is by way of a roundabout apology to everyone, especially fellow skirmishers. I do go 'round and listen to all the participants, I just generally don't have several hours for commenting.

2020: Since last FAWM I tried 💕✨antihistamines💕❤✨ for the first time. Turns out I've had allergies, asthma, and histamine intolerance this entire time. So I may have more energy for FAWM this year.

2019: My songwriting lately has been skewing more and more toward darker punk songs, but I know better by now than to try to plan or predict what I'll be writing for FAWM.

2018: I'm thinking barbershop. Lots and lots of barbershop.

2017: Due to my grandfather's funeral, I was too busy to even think about starting for most of the first week of FAWM.

I thought I was going to do some instrumentals this year, but instead I think I've posted more a capella songs than ever before. Of course, I've never been able to participate in this much of a SuperSkirmish before. If I get my song count up high enough with skirmish songs now, maybe I'll have time for those instrumentals after all?

2016: I somehow didn't make the connection until well into the month of February, after finding myself doing a lot of songwriting, that this is when FAWM happens. So I'm starting late but at least I've got a head start on it? lol

I gave myself permission to write very short songs, thinking it would help me catch up. These short songs quickly took over my entire FAWM. I wrote 10 superhero themes and 10 songs forming a mini-musical. By the end, instead of fulfilling the leap-FAWM challenge by writing 14 and a half songs in 29 days, I wrote 28 half-songs and in half the time.

I got some actual recording equipment for Christmas, so hopefully what you hear from me this year will be a little higher quality.


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  • @clioem 1 week

    Thank you so much, that is definitely the intention 😁

  • @inger  2 weeks

    Thank you for your suggestion about Treasure Chest. I like the hope box idea! I'm thinking maybe a box of hope and other positive emotions that someone is hiding away in a box because they have been disappointed to often and are afraid to take them out now. I'll try working on that angle, I think.

  • @mariekevinkmusic  2 weeks

    Thanks for the kind words! Looking forward to your first song of the year!

  • @toms 3 weeks

    Tonight's bread pudding: hunks of torn up stale bread, milk to get it a tad moist, brown sugar, maple syrup, allspice, cinnamon, (I had no nutmeg) currents, in a ceramic pie dish heavily buttered, baked at 325 for an hour. Look up "a cheap one" on Townsends on YouTube. I left out the fortified wine and didn't bother with a sauce. 😀