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Influences:   Tequila, The Devil, my cats, Bubba McBubba, corruption, Stupid Dogs, avarice, attempting to spell "Alcohol" while drunk, crazy people, injustice, frustration, The End Times, bears, rejection, indifference, television, news, food, my family, dreams, animals, debauchery, dictators, love, lust and everything in between, abandonment, loss, squirrels, football, beer, weirdos, unfinished lists...


Here's what I did with some previous FAWM songs in 2020:

This Beer

Let's Drink Everything Under The Sink

Donald Trump (Wesley Willis Tribute)

A Little Song




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  • @saxylizbeth Mar 9

    Holly from Lovely Eggs drew that on my jacket herself!!!

  • @saxylizbeth Mar 4


  • @saxylizbeth Mar 1

    Hi Chris - thank you for your kind comment and listening to Boris! It's what I love about FAWM, you can write anything but there are always ears to hear it - even if it's just rage in musical form!!

  • @dock  Feb 24

    Thanks for your comments on my Interloper Bossa! It reminds me of a Bob Dylan short for a song called, "The Night We Called It a Day". You might like it. Here's the link:

  • @marthie Feb 24

    Thank you- yes I did not touched a white note- well maybe just once for a split second!

  • @marthie Feb 18

    Thank you for listening! All of it is improv until I listen to it 500 times and create my favorite (comp) version. E.g of this whole album I changed two lines and added two lines(I forgot to sing!). But I dont produce them all. I chose 26 themes to write ‘on the nose’ for before moving back to my favorite style of writing from the heart(Im busy with a sync licensing course)

  • @bitshred  Feb 16

    Thanks for the comment on We Walked With Dinosaurs. I nearly spit out my coffee as I chortled here at work.

  • @majordanby  Feb 15

    It’s the neighbourhood, it breeds them.

  • @leakyplusme2 Feb 14

    Sure does.

  • @majordanby  Feb 14

    Out sung by the birds as usual. Just me a guitar, vocals and a phone. And the seagulls. They paint a picture of living right by the sea; I live near a school and they eat the discarded school kids food.

  • @dzdandcunfsd  Feb 14

    Thanks! I'll come back to do some listening, when it doesn't kill my eyes anymore to see this place 😁

  • @elenaduff Feb 14

    aw thank you re: the gin! Bottoms up! 😁 And for listening to my sea shanty!

  • @seanbrennan  Feb 6

    Meant a lot to have you stop by and hear my song, "Frozen Lake." I think I've told you this in a recent year, but "Kick the Loud One Out" (was that 2014 or 2015?) is probably still a top 3 FAWM song of all time for me.