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Florida US   Jan 2008

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Influences:   The two boxes of records under the stairs in my parents' basement in Ohio.

This is my 13th (!) FAWM. I've also done 11 50/90s.
Last year, I did mostly guitar/vocal songs with a few ukulele instruments thrown in. I turned that output into two Bandcamp albums.
This year, I'd like to do at least 14 piano/vocal songs, and whatever else I can come up with on top of that.

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  • @tsunamidaily  4 days

    have the best FAWM!

  • @srcoops 6 days

    Looking forward to working with you again. Tough start to the year, our oldest son died very suddenly while visiting us. We will persevere.

  • @hummingbear  1 week

    Happy FAWMing!

  • @writeandwrong  1 week

    13th! Dang!! Bring it on! Can't wait to hear what you do this year!

  • @acousticmaddie  1 week

    Hello mate! I look forward to hear what you come up with this year

  • @fuzzy  1 week

    Mr. Withrow!!
    Can't wait to hear some more of your music this FAWM!!

  • @andygetch  1 week

    Hey neighbor!