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Influences:   Mostly rock, but I enjoy many things from classical to hip-hop. I struggle with country.

Engineer by nature—technical writer by trade—musician at heart.

Riffs seem to accumulate easy, but turning them into full songs is the challenge. I am using the FAWM challenge as a way to force myself to make something of these ideas.

- 80s Squier HM
- Fernandes Vertigo
- Line 6 Shuriken Variax
- Ibanez AEWC32FM (Acoustic)
- 2006 Gibson Explorer
- 1996 Fender Jag-Stang
- 2007 Ibanez Arondite ADD120
- 1998 Squier Venus XII

- Ibanez miKro GSRM25

Guitar Rig 5
Rig Control 3
Midi Guitar 2
EZdrummer 2

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