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Influences:   The sunrise pouring warm light onto my walls and filling my room with the glow of the golden hour.

I like writing songs. And I'm back for 2019. The date above suggests this will be my 13th year.

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In 2015 I started an acoustic duo with Sarah Blick @fiddlerblick80 called Sugar Still @sugarstill (
We played over 400 shows worldwide. Released 3 albums. Drove 200,000 miles.
It's done now. I'm sort of done too. But I'm feeling more inspired as Feb 1st draws nearer. In the paraphrased words of Tim Wille, it's been awhile since I've written a song just for me, held it in my hands, and let it fly away.

My throat still hurts, but I've offered my son 30 minutes of instrumental music for a DnD story he's developing. If you want a lyric, drop me line and a topic. I had a lot of fun doing that last year. I'm not in as cathartically broken a place as I was last year, so the lyrics may not come as easily or viscerally, but you never know.

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