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Woodland Hills USA   Feb 2013  

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Influences:   The Beatles, Prince, Ryan Adams, Radiohead, Joe Cocker, Musical Theatre

UPDATE Feb 28th, 2017 - So, acute laryngitis knocked me out for most of February. The recovery process has been slow AF. However, I wrote a mess of songs and have recorded instrumental tracks. Just waiting to get my voice and full range back to finish up and post. So, placeholders are up currently up and I'll get on it asap. As of today, cough is almost all but gone and my sexy janis joplin rasp is finally subsiding.---

Singer, songwriter, pianist. Born, raised, and living in Los Angeles.
Music teacher by day, penniless musician by night. Live Theatre Music Director and Orchestra Conductor in between naps.
Pet parent to Wolfie - my biggest fan.

I record everything on Garageband. No fancy gear. Just my live mic, my keyboard, sometimes my ukulele, and anything else I can find lying around in my apartment. I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm just trying to get what I hear in my head outside of my... head. 😀

I love collaborating, so if you want vocals or music to lyrics or lyrics for music, hit me up! 😁
(Update: I've enabled my email address for logged in FAWMers. Let the collabs start!)

This is my 5th Fawm! You can hear the fruits of my last 4 FAWMs here:

Between FAWM 2016 AND FAWM 2017, I wrote this song:

And took a shot at this cover:

I scored my first short film in 2014. You can watch it here:
It's a film noir and plays like an episode from Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Only 15 minutes long. Take a gander, why dontcha?

I released my debut EP Spring, 2013. You can listen to/purchase it here:

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