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Portland, US   Jan 2019


Artist Bio

Influences:   Folk (Peter, Paul & Mary), Julie Andrews, Beatles, Greatful Dead, sea shanties, country, filk

Welcome FAWMers! This is my third year on the FAWM. I've been a singer/songwriter since 1984 with two CDs, Of Shoes and Ships, and Harmony in Practice.

Cecilia Eng has two "eyes" 😀

While I primarily perform science fiction/fantasy "filk" songs, I also write folk and performed at the Center Theatre Stage of the Northwest Folklife Festival in 2019 and at the virtual Tumbleweed Music Festival in 2020.

Virtual conventions/song circles have delayed posting new songs, but the writing bug often strikes during these events, so I'm hoping it all will even out.

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  • @infilktion Feb 9

    Thank you for the wonderful comments on True Lies for Pattern and Han's Falcon!

  • @mhorning Feb 8

    Hey Cecilia, knew you were on here somewhere. Happy fawming.

  • @timfatchen  Feb 2

    Ceilidh, thank you for your series of comments on my first three outputs (a series! it's flattering!). Keep writing though, get more up and then get lsot in the listening, sez I!

  • @ericdistad  Feb 1

    I'm hoping you are back this year? I'm very much looking forward to new songs from you. Have a great FAWM!