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PortlandOR US   Jan 2019

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Influences:   Folk, Beatles, Greatful Dead, sea shanties, country, filk

Just trying to speed up the harvest...

The FAWM is amazing! Having a blast, and getting lots of writing in.

Dang -- iPod makes MP4s which will not upload to the FAWM host site, but at least I got FAWMsong out of the donation process!

Found a MP4 to MP3 free conversion site, uploaded Sugar to the FAWM Hosting site where it plays just fine, but when I put the URL into the song Demo URL field and saved it, it won't play from the song site. 😞 If I can get past this final hurdle, I'll try to spend some time recording more songs and start getting the sound bytes in!

Apparently the MP3 plays (ting-a-ling-a-ling) for you, but not for me. So now I'll have to get busy recording as well as writing... A FAWMers work is never done!

OK, yes I accidentally left my name on a song when I copied and pasted, so F*CK IT -- The big secret is out! 😀


So put three songs into the iPod, found wifi and e-mailed them the exact same way as Sugar, but this time instead of getting .mp4 files I got .band files. WTF?? So, the tech is still hating on me...

Finally reached out to the awesome Jeff Bohnhoff, who helped me find the right sequence to get MP4 files off my iPod again! Converted and uploaded Winter Light Festival demo and processing more!!!

Slowing down now. Really had a lot of fun and don't want to overdo or start sounding like everything is the same, so plan is to mostly enjoy new postings to finish my very first FAWM. That way I can look forward to next year with pleasure! Thank you everyone at the FAWM!

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