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PortlandOR US   Jan 2019


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Influences:   Folk, Beatles, Greatful Dead, sea shanties, country, filk

Welcome FAWMers! This is my second year on the FAWM. I've been a singer/songwriter since 1984 with two CDs, Of Shoes and Ships, and Harmony in Practice.

My 1-hr Guest of Honor concert video at the 2015 Conflikt convention can be downloaded at:


...and yes, the name is spelled wrong in the URL.
Cecilia Eng has two "eyes" 😀

While I primarily perform science fiction/fantasy "filk" songs, I also write folk and performed at the Center Theatre Stage of the Northwest Folklife Festival last year. They are streaming audio of last year's performances on their website at:


"A Crabber's Life" from last year's FAWM won 3rd prize at the Port Gamble Maritime Music Festival!

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