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AU   Jan 2017

Artist Bio

Influences:   Metal: Arch Enemy, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, The Agonist, Cadaveria, Frantic Amber. Electronica: X-Rx, God Module, Noisuf-X, Centhron. Life: Katy Perry, KoRn, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, The Offspring, Bauhaus, MORE Katy Perry.

Pronouns: Call me anything you like. πŸ˜€

Not sure if I have a focus this year, other than to try new things. Have an e-drum kit at last, as well as a rock-machine guitar. These will probably be my most used instruments. Not just because they're new, either.

Genres will likely vary wildly (see influences).

Instrument preference (high to low) :
Electric guitar
Acoustic guitar
Everything else I can do with a laptop (including bass)


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  • @nadine 5 weeks

    Thanks for commenting on "All Hallow's Eve" some days ago! Just wanted to say, that my final version is online at FAWM now. With more gritty punch! If you enjoy hard trancey electronic music, you should probably visit my bandcamp in the end of March.

  • @timfatchen  6 weeks

    Ah now, the virtue of the "who's still here thread", someone I haven't heard this FAWM!

  • @iwilleatyou 7 weeks

    Thanks for the listen!

  • @emplate  7 weeks

    Thank you for your compliments on "Black Magic Battalion"! I myself am quite pleased with it myself, even though I only was responsible for vocals and lyrics. @hmorg delivered a killer backing track which was a blast to growl to : )

  • @hmorg  7 weeks

    Thanks for the comment on "Black Magic Battalion"! My new guitar is actually an old guitar, made in 2014 by a British luthier who back then worked under the name of Serpentine Guitars but now has rebranded themselves as Kemp Guitars. A luthier friend of mine bought it a while back for a steal and not in very good playing shape apparently, he then proceeded to whip it up to shape and sell it to me (for a steal). Based on yesterday's recording efforts, it seems like a decent guitar.

  • @emplate  7 weeks

    Ah, ok! Anyways, @hmorg's vocals are really raw and violent here, definitely digging them. πŸ˜€

  • @emplate  7 weeks

    Cheers for the comment on "Angel of Collapse"! I always try to somewhat channel Blasphemy when hitting this gear, but I'm not sure if that's what you had in mind : )

  • @hmorg  7 weeks

    But I already have two pedalboards, do I need a third one? And should I try Metal Zone with bass? Maybe if I blend some clean signal in with it. I actually just bought a second DS-1 since the one I have now has some sort of issue with the switch where it doesn't always want to work. It's no problem at home but would be at the rehearsal place or live. DS-1 (real or modeled) is what I've been using on most distortion bits this FAWM.

  • @hmorg  7 weeks

    Thanks for the comments on "Cannibal Kings" and "My Love Is Poisoned"! The latter of those was actually recorded and mixed before Feb with the exception of the vocals, since I didn't have lyrics for it yet. Those lyrics were the first thing I wrote for this FAWM and so when I had recorded the vocals, I added the demo as well. It's part of a 4 song demo/EP I have in the works and will probably release in March, most probably under the moniker of Murkdweller, so stay tuned for more.

  • @frozenlonesome  7 weeks

    Glad you liked Delicate Things. Appreciated the listen and your kind comments.

  • @ibenoist 7 weeks

    Here is a expanded upon classical composition you requested !! https://fawm.org/songs/118471/

  • @frozenlonesome  8 weeks

    Sorry for the double post. Tried to delete but couldn't. 😞

  • @frozenlonesome  8 weeks

    Have you tried Caustic? An early iOS app and Android which is full featured and sounds great.

  • @frozenlonesome  8 weeks

    Have you tried Caustic? An early iOS app and Android which is full featured and sounds great.

  • @radioovermoscow 8 weeks

    Thanks! The voice is the hardest to get right... I think in this case the 15 minutes included time spent fixing it in Melodyne, haha

  • @frozenlonesome  8 weeks

    Thanks for checking out Dreaming Of Wonderful. Glad you enjoyed the track!
    A whole FAWM on an android phone must have been a challenge considering what I heard about the dearth of android music apps.

    TBH, the challenge with doing a track on my phone was more about the lack of real estate as I have the 2020 SE model and use my 1st generation iPad Pro as my primary recording device and used a well established process.
    Still was fun to do nonetheless.

  • @stephenwordsmith  8 weeks

    Sounds good. I'm still on the 5090 wagon, so I will hit you up in July-October.

  • @stephenwordsmith  8 weeks

    Hoops and I worked quite closely for half a decade. He was one of the kind souls who launched me into the public consciousness here at FAWM, and one of my most regular, and consistently good, collaborators. I miss him, and his spirit, dearly. When he left us, I resolved to be the Hoops I wanted to see in this world. Your track was a shining example of just that.

    I think there are better approaches in commenting than comparisons, but that one hit me quite starkly.

  • @emplate  8 weeks

    Thank you so much for the comment on "The Triumph of the Emperor"! Hahah, if I managed to make you give another chance to Emperor, then I think my job here is done! 😁 But seriously, like said, In the Nightside Eclipse is one of my all-time favourite albums and among the best black metal albums ever made. You enjoy Dimmu Borgir, so I think there could be something for you there!

  • @glasscrow 8 weeks

    Hi! I used a chorus plugin called charsiesis on those vocals. It's free so see if you can search for it. I'm actually just talking in that song, and then there are certain settings you put it on to get the demon effect. Picked this up from the Vocaloid community because computer voices can't scream, and neither can I haha.

  • @theodamus  Feb 22

    Thanks for the challenge! I am a little, well, challenged, in the FAWMtronica space so I will probably err on the side of Black Magic. I had a listen through your stuff and you are honestly such a versatile writer I’m not sure what a fitting challenge would be! So, i vote you pick between one of these: 1) a song that feels like a folk song (of any kind) 2) a song where your voice and another instrument are two distinct characters talking to/interacting with each other 3) a metal song about being really really romantically mushily in love. Good luck! Can’t wait to hear it!

  • @nadine Feb 21

    Thank you so much on your kind words on my songs! I'm looking forward to the final version of "Pyromancer". Let's see what the guys record πŸ˜€

  • @glasscrow Feb 21

    Hey there! I didn't see your email, but I made mine visible, so if you want to send me that vocal track I could try and take a crack at it this weekend!

  • @radioovermoscow Feb 20


  • @emplate  Feb 17

    Yeah, I've never had one, but so I've heard. I guess I could try at some point to find one so I could play around with it.

  • @itoarazi Feb 15

    Thanks!! I thought you might recognize the PoiZone! I just wanted to make something fun, and that synth almost always comes through! I'm glad you can relate!!

  • @povosos  Feb 15

    Thank you. Greatest compliment someone can get, is saying one has been inspiration/motivation. I'm honestly so flattered. Thank you πŸ˜€

  • @nadine Feb 13

    Thanks for your nice comment! I'm happy that you enjoyed my song. Coming to guitars I fear that I'll need tons of high quality recordings to achieve that broad sound. Please write an e-mail if you have some other demos or even finished songs around.

  • @povosos  Feb 13

    Thanks for the comment again.
    You asked my vocal effects. Its Bias fx (guitar amps and gear basically), and from ready sets "Tosin clean lead", but I changed the reverb settings a bit.

    I'm not excactly sure what you mean by "churchbell" effect, but I may hear it myself as well.

  • @bandybum Feb 9

    "How about you give me a topic, I'll write some lyrics, you add music, then I do vocals?"

    Okay so for topic how about "If you were God...?" (asking questions of the 2nd person, rather than writing from the 1st)
    then we'll see what music it inspires πŸ˜€

  • @bandybum Feb 8

    Been playing around with this - any good for you? πŸ˜€


  • @bandybum Feb 8

    "I'm thinking maybe I'll write some lyrics, then you do music (edm like in A New Mind is probably my preference, but I'm open to ideas), then I'll record vocals.
    If that works for you, perhaps you could give me a topic for the lyrics?"

    Hey dude, happy to write some music for you, but it'll have to be something minimal - just won't have time for a big EDM production, sorry πŸ˜€

    Any other fancies for music?

  • @candle  Feb 7

    Your welcome πŸ˜€

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @cheezeboy  Feb 6

    Thank you for the comment on Recoil!

  • @evolvemysound  Feb 4

    I spent my last $20 on rock hands. Oh well. HAHAHA, nice work on the challenge!

  • @dzdandcunfsd  Feb 4

    Yup! There's no just turning that down and glossing over some foul language or whatnot 😁

  • @willyviste Feb 3

    Thank you for the kind words on "Broken Pipeline". Much appreciated πŸ˜€

  • @povosos  Feb 3

    Thank you for you comments on my song, and even watchlisting me πŸ˜€

  • @itoarazi Feb 3

    I bought three of Korg's Volca line a couple years ago, and they are a blast. I'd definitely recommend. Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with the awesome softsynths - I just love having knobs to twiddle!

  • @itoarazi Feb 3

    Awesome. I look forward to it. I went analogue with the Volca Keys for the first, but I'll head back to the lappy for the second, for sure.

    Happy FAWMing and synthing!!

  • @itoarazi Feb 3

    I also purchased it (I also have FL Studio 12)! One of the best softsynths I've encountered. That said, I'm gonna use the Sawer for the next one-synther, I think...

  • @grenzgaengerin Feb 3

    thanks for comment

  • @dzdandcunfsd  Feb 3

    Haha thinking about it now still makes my throat itchy 😁

  • @ianuarius  Feb 2

    Great! Can't wait to see what you come up with. πŸ˜€

  • @ianuarius  Feb 2

    Sounds good. I don't really do electric guitar currently. So maybe metal is a bit out of question. Something mellow or weird could be nice. I'm liking the idea of taking some risks!!

  • @ianuarius  Feb 2

    Hey, about the collab. Sounds great! Are you by chance in the fawm slack? I have no ideas tho, but we'll get there! Haha. Bard Cards gave me "Thought" as a prompt. Hmmmm.. or another was "Valley". Any thoughts regarding lyrics? Maybe something airy then.

  • @dragondreams  Feb 2

    Thanks loads for the listen and the comments! πŸ˜€ I really appreciate it.

  • @ampersandman  Feb 2

    Thanks for listening and your interesting comment ... happy to spark the listener's imagination. Have a great month!

  • @sapient  Feb 2

    Thanks so much for the listen. Yeah, there was a Marduk vibe in there. It actually wasn't deliberate, but I think when you set the drums to that tempo then Marduk is gonna pop out!
    The drums are Toontrack's "Metal Machine" kit. I've got a few of the EZ Drummer kits, but for me, this one has just really solid-sounding samples.

  • @geoff61 Feb 1

    re Barefoot 'cross The Sand. Thanks, yes they have a sort of 'end of days' feel which would fit the genre you suggest.

  • @apolez3 Feb 1

    Hiyaz late for dinner, Happy FAWMing!

  • @glasscrow Jan 31

    Can't wait to hear your pagan metal song for #firstfruits 😎🀘 Happy FAWMing!

  • @guatecoop  Jan 20

    Hey man, I just wanted you to know that I always appreciate what you do here. Always positive and always willing to be open with what you do. Great! Best wishes to you this fawm.