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Chicago US   Jan 2016  

Artist Bio

Influences:   Indigo Girls, Melissa Etheridge, Fleetwood Mac, S.J. Tucker, Heather Alexander, Alan Parsons Project

I have played music since before I could reach the foot pedals on my family's Lowrey organ. Mainly a guitarist and also a drummer, I play with Random Fractions and Toyboat mostly at sci-fi cons but also at bars, houses, and outdoor fests. I've collaborated with other musicians for live performances and recordings. Working with an album theme seems to be my key for getting to the finish line (worked the last three years!). This year, since traveling the U.S. is impossible (or at least very unwise), I’m focusing on journeys’ve been warned.


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  • @rwhosings  Feb 16

    Thank you!

  • @natalieedelson  Feb 11

    Thank you for your kind words on sirensong. Looking forward to hearing you.

  • @ggallagher  Feb 10

    Thanks for the feedback on melt away. Yeah I suppose that song would be set in an episode where the big bad was snow related. Who knows!

  • @dragondreams  Feb 10

    Hi Cathy. 😀
    Thank so much for the lovely comment.

  • @rwhosings  Feb 9

    Thank you so much for your comment on The Magic I've Made. I couldn't ask for more generous feedback!

  • @zecoop  Feb 9

    Thanks for listening and glad you liked my polar bears!! No worries, I was in college then too, actually, lol 😎

  • @jendistad  Feb 1

    Thanks, Cathy! Happy Fawming! 😀

  • @katyhh29  Feb 1

    Hey there 😀 Not sure how much I get done this year but I certainly shall try 😀 Happy FAWMing!

  • @summerrussell Feb 1

    Cathy! Thank you so much! It's good to see you here.

  • @ericdistad  Feb 1

    Yay Cathy! Great to see you back! May your FAWM be awesome and productive. (or as productive as can be considering)

  • @cathymc  Feb 1

    @tawny249 definitely working for music and lyrics this year!

  • @tawny249  Jan 19

    Heya! *waves* May your FAWM be awesome. Gonna stick to instrumentals again or try some tracks with lyrics? I am curious. 😀

  • @alyxanderjames  Jan 17

    Glad to see you back for another year, Cathy! Cheers to a great FAWM!

  • @leslie  Jan 17

    I'm excited to hear what your storytelling magic mind comes up with this year. Have a creative and wonderful FAWM, tour-sister!