J. Gabriel 19


  Feb 2008

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Warning : The music hosted on this page may contain subliminal stimuli.

Songs (19)

#1 Mindfulness 30
Feb 1
#2 Penumbra 16
Feb 3
#3 Dawning Star @alphanerg 12
Feb 5
#4 Polar Lights @kenficara  25
Feb 8
#5 No Human Lifesigns @alphanerg 14
Feb 9
#6 Mary @iwilleatyou 25
Feb 13
#7 Stardust @alphanerg 12
Feb 13
#8 Nimbostratus @candle  18
Feb 13
#9 Foreseer 14
Feb 15
#10 Lost Beaches of S2003J4 @alphanerg 8
Feb 16
#11 These Dark Mornings @kenficara  8
Feb 17
#12 The Road To Tarnasil 11
Feb 19
#13 Canis Major @sirius 15
Feb 20
#14 Gravitational Redshift @alphanerg 9
Feb 22
#15 Volcano @sapient  21
Feb 22
#16 Eyvin 13
Feb 24
#17 Solar Lament @alphanerg 11
Feb 26
#18 Drizzle @kenficara  7
Feb 28
#19 Nightfall @sirius 10
Feb 28


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  • @thenucleus Mar 1

    Interesting you mentioned Babes In Toyland, I'm also from Minneapolis. In fact someone I know was married to Kat, the singer/guitarist from Babes. They were in a sort of husband and wife band together called Katatrophy Wife, I remember watching Kat rocking out on stage while 8 months pregnant!

  • @emplate Mar 1

    Hey, thanks for the comment on "War Filth Mouth"! I enjoyed writing this kind of fast pummelling, already had talks with my band's drummer about making a demo project with similar material! : D

  • @pinky Mar 1

    So sorry! I haven't been very FAWM engaged. I didn't mean to ignore the slack invite. I really wouldn't have done much of anything this FAWM without some serious heavylifting from collab partners. And now I have a pleasant night a head of catching up on my listens, let the FAWM binge begin(:

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 28

    Thanks Joanne! Talk about having a good 2019 FAWM run....you have some AWESOME gems here. Some really awesome collabs. Well actually just *ONE* good collab and that would be the one with me. Everybody else can kiss my boots. :-p
    I can say that. I'm Trent goddammit.
    Re: Slack...until I get a new computer or get patience to use the ones at the library. But for sure I'll have it ready to go when I'm settled. Thanks again for the invite 😀
    Congrats on the win!

  • @hildrideidottir Feb 27

    fuck yöu 😁

  • @candle  Feb 27

    Votre description d'une monde étrange de votre commentaire sur mon chanson Ridgeline Soliloquy m'a inspiré. On my lunch today, I wrote an opening paragraph describing a small town on the edge of a violet sea as three suns are sinking low on the horizon. Looks like I'm writing a Sci-Fi/Western in the not-too-distant future 😀


    On Ce Vera Dans Les Ombres…

  • @hildrideidottir Feb 27

    You're useless.

  • @candle  Feb 26

    Merci encore pour vos commentaires. I have this strange idea of writing a short story based on those Spaghetti Western songs I've written this year. I just have images in my mind. No plots. Not much for characters. But it might be a new project I'll be exploring post-FAWM (like I need more creative writing projects LOL - but I might tie it in with an idea that had been swimming around in my brain pre-FAWM). Either way, we'll see how it pans out. I'll be back tonight to listen to the couple of songs of yours that I've missed. I'm pretty sure I listened to The Road To Tarsil, maybe I forgot to hit the "Add Your Thoughts" button. At any rate, I'm certain its worth the re-listen.

    A bientôt…

    On Ce Vera Dans Les Ombres…

  • @psyt Feb 24

    Many thanks for your comments too, they're much appreciated. (:
    I slept most of Friday (literally, in the 24 hour period of that day, I was awake for a little over 7 hours), but that was making up for the rest of the month. 😝

  • @larryw Feb 24

    Hi thanks for the comments on my song restless, much appreciated

  • @candle  Feb 24

    Merci pour vos mots chers en regards de mes chansons The Oligarchy. Force Tranquille est une bonne description.

    On Ce Vera Dans Les Ombres…

  • @elliottlawrence Feb 22

    Really appreciate all the nice comments! And I'm digging the Tori Amos comparison, she's one of my favorites. I'll be back to check out more of your stuff as well 😀

  • @candle  Feb 19

    Yeah, those tech gods can be cruel during FAWM. At least it looks like you've got things sorted out. Thank you for all your comments. I truly appreciate your thoughts on my music. Your comments (& our discussions) are always a highlight of FAWM for me.

    Merci, mon ami.

    On Ce Vera Dans Les Ombres…

  • @jorh Feb 18

    Thanks for your kind comments on I fly, have a great FAWM

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 16

    Thanks for that tip! I'll test out and see if works right now.

  • @emplate Feb 16

    Cheers for the comment on "Satan Knows No Safeword", I'm really glad you enjoyed it! : )

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 16

    The internet connection here is so slow right now it's pissing me off. I have to come back another time to listen to your tunes I haven't heard yet.

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 16

    Haha..no it's not you that killed me..it's doing metal. It takes a lot of energy/focus/blood/and beer.

  • @clioem Feb 15

    Thank you so much!

  • @emplate Feb 15

    Thanks for the comment on "Black Metal Terror - Nuclear Horror", I really appreciate it! Yeah, war metal is very fast-paced, chaotic and intense mixture of black and death metal, pioneered by bands like Blasphemy, Conqueror and Revenge.

  • @persaab Feb 15

    No one left alive. As much as comes your question. Thank you for your comments.

  • @headfirstonly  Feb 14

    Hi Joanne - link is now fixed. Thanks for letting me know.

  • @heliosonorous Feb 14

    Thanks for your comments!
    While I do not have synesthesia, music certainly gives me images that I can feel and see when listening. I make my best attempt to convey what the sound offers in my compositions.
    I have very much enjoyed your works as you seem to have a similar manner of storytelling with sound.

  • @sapient  Feb 13

    Oh, yes, I think "sections" are SO important! For me it's how you keep a piece interesting and involving, by moving through a series of elements that allows a song to evolve. I don't know any other way to do it!

  • @sapient  Feb 13

    Actually, no, my vocals are just single-tracked. I use the same FX chain on them every time: PSP Vintage Warmer as an initial compressor, Waves Marroquin Distortion (but not really for distortion, just more compression), Digitalfishphones Blockfish used as a peak limiter, and then a quarter-note delay (one of the inbuilt Cubase VSTs), with a simple plate reverb to round things off. The first time I worked with a pro engineer he got me doubling my vocals, and it nearly killed my voice 😉

  • @sapient  Feb 13

    Sweet! Work's been a bit crazy the last couple of days, but I'll come find you there... 😉

  • @headfirstonly  Feb 13

    Hi Joanne - good to see you're back in the fray! Your stuff is always a highlight of FAWM for me. Listening now (and really enjoying).

  • @sapient  Feb 13

    Yay! How shall we get started...? I could send through some arpeggio ideas...?

  • @candle  Feb 13

    Cyber-esoterism. C'est nouveau, ça. 😉

    Merci pour vos commentaires. And yes, I sort of like the Botgaze genre. But, I think I've delved a bit too much into it this year. I'm going to try to avoid any more collabs with Slackbot. From here on out, I'm going to ignore the AI.

    On Ce Vera Dans Les Ombres…

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 13

    Bien sur!

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 13

    Haha...ok....forget the damn harp (fekking bastard harp). Bonne Nuit!

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 13

    Yes, agreed...being naked is priority number one. Regarding the harp... if you REALLY want that harpy harp in the track I can put it back in. But I need to take a break from the song because I've been working on it all of the day and all of the night (that's a Kinks song in case you didn't know. And I know you didn't know so don't say you did).

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 13

    Please. I dance naked and drink mead every night whether there's a damn moon or not! At least I think it's mead? It says "Vodka" on the bottle.
    I didn't keep the harp because doing the mixing and muting tracks...I really liked the way it sounded.

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 13

    Haha! Merci! How does the mix sound?

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 13

    Well DUUUH....of course I want to learn French swear words.
    Mary going up in a few seconds......hope you like. I would have liked to work on the mix a bit more but...it's FAWM and have to keep moving! Overall though I feel it sounds pretty good 😀
    Awesome collab Joanne-Thank you!

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 11

    Aah! Sirius looks like he is being swallowed by a pillow! Thanks for that explanation. I'll treat "Nous" like "Vous". That sounds correct no?
    Aligned up your files to the song and now all that's left is the singing which I'll do after work tonight. I better get my voice ready.

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 11

    OK...got the files! And yes, I expect a full course on Nous Vs. On. :-p

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 10

    AWESOME that you love the song! Sorry, yesterday I was juggling between emails and FAWM replies and realized I didn't respond to you liking the song. Allez, hop indeed!

  • @candle  Feb 10

    It's all good. I'm a bit of a train spotter & I spotted the train in your track. But I still saw all the glorious lights dancing in the skies above.

    On Ce Vera Dans Les Ombres…

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 9

    Ah ok. I have a feeling I can learn more from you than any french teacher or textbooks. I met a french couple who own a French bakery and a lot of what I learn from textboks etc., they tell me, it's bullshit. What is taught and what is actually spoken is almost entirely different. For example..."Nous" for "we" is never used when spoken. They tell me to use "On".

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 9

    Allez hop??? Quelle est la définition de Allez hop??

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 9

    Qu'attendez-vous? Je ne peux pas laisser Sirius voler toutes les femmes avec ce noeud papillon.
    I actually had to look up what you said because I didn't understand "tie" and "bow-tie" in French haha.

  • @candle  Feb 9

    Sorry for the train thing. I guess I sort of started that. Now I've subconsciously implanted that into other people's experiences.

    On Ce Vera Dans Les Ombres…

  • @zecoop  Feb 9

    Good to know! But as you heard on the subway song, I realized that I actually had the answer right in front of my with my EBow, so I used that. I just REALLY REALLY want to use the actual bow, because, you know... Jimmy Page!!!!! 😉

  • @zecoop  Feb 8

    I definitely was not trolling for comments, but appreciate hearing from you so much. I love what you do and look forward to it every year. I want to do more like the subway song - creating sonic environments is fun (as you well know). 😀

  • @zecoop  Feb 8

    I'm so bummed that my work decided to block files.fawmers... You were one of my go-to listens here at work, since it is such amazing background music (on the 3rd and 4th listens, after I've commented). I will make time from home, but glad to see new music flowing from you! 😀

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 6

    Short reply to email: Got the files 😀. Thank you! I will check them out tonight, read the email more in depth and get to work. Also YES to the throat singing. That would be awesome. And NO to the black tie 😉

  • @candle  Feb 5

    I never thought I'd collab with an AI Web-bot. FAWM does strange things to people LOL. Glad you enjoyed the track. I have to thank @sapient for the challenge. It was his great idea.

    On Ce Vera Dans Les Ombres…

  • @candle  Feb 5

    Yeah, its been going through the family. Finally hit me Sunday night. This is my second day home from work. It's been good for FAWMing tho… I like the idea about taking all those snippets of inside jokes and making something out of them. Now there's a interesting Exquisite Corpse idea… and a possible interesting collab amongst our Slack crowd.

    BTW, I'm still mulling over ideas to send to you for our Collab. It's next on my list.

    On Ce Vera Dans Les Ombres…

  • @rayboneor  Feb 5

    You're sweet...I miss you too! I need to listen to some FAWM songs today.

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 4

    I can assure you I am not Trent Reznor. Also, for the record, and Joanne.....please....VERY confidential......@alphanerg is actually Ricky Martin doing electronica here because his label won't support him due to contractual obligations. Remember though, confidential. And don't tell me you don't know who Ricky Martin is either. I can hear the Menudo influence in your songs.
    And lastly will you PLEASE take that RIDICULOUS bowtie out of Sirius. It is sooo unfitting. He needs a PINK bowtie not a blue one.

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 3

    Got your email and absolutely agree on all accounts for the collaboration. Really appreciate you being open to different approaches for the overall structure. This will be fun. I'm going to work out the BPM and chords when I get home. Still no internet at home so please be patient if my replies take a bit.

  • @pinky Feb 2

    Haha, here, just running a bit behind. Looking forward to all the fascinating worlds you create with your music!

  • @candle  Feb 2

    Merci pour vos commentaires! The radio show was quite fun to cut up and add to the song. I think it really made it into something more then just rambling frequencies in the ether.

    On Ce Vera Dans L'Ombre…

  • @anonymouse Feb 2


  • @psyt Feb 1

    Thanks for the comment, and have a great FAWM. I already enjoyed your first one, and looking forward to more. 😀

  • @roy  Feb 1

    Looking forward to hearing your creations this year, Joanna. Have a productive and enjoyable FAWM!

  • @candle  Feb 1

    Yes, I got the invite & signed up. I will have a better look at it tonight when I'm home from work (it's almost noon here right now)

    On Ce Vera Dans Les Ombres…

  • @mikedebenham  Feb 1

    Have a great FAWM, Joanne. Looking forward to your sub- and superliminal stimuli. 😀

  • @kevinreid Feb 1

    Looking forward to your musical journey this year. 😀

  • @candle  Jan 30

    Yeah, I guess new projects can be intimidating. That's understandable.

    No, I have no fixed ideas this year - which is strange I know. I'm leaving things up to my muse and will follow my creative whims, wherever they might take me. I still want to play around with the base frequency I compose in (not using A4=440hz as a standard) and playing around with some of the new plugins for Buzz (my DAW), but nothing really you could call a concept. I guess I'm just in the mood for pure experimentation this year.

    On Ce Vera Dans L'Ombre…

  • @defaultdave  Jan 29

    Glad to hear you're going to be posting from here! Looking forward to hearing from you again! Maybe this year make music for cats to listen to!

  • @candle  Jan 29

    Des nouveaux projects. J'aime ce que cela implique. J'ai hâte de les entendre.

    On Ce Vera Dans L'Ombre…

  • @candle  Jan 27

    Sublinimal stimuli. World domination plans maybe? Just kidding. You've got me VERY intrigued. Can't wait to hear new songs.

    On Ce Vera Dans Les Ombres…

  • @iwilleatyou Jan 26

    Ok cool thanks Joanne!

  • @nancyrost  Jan 25

    Looking forward to fawming with you!

  • @nuj4x Jan 25

  • @popmythology  Jan 25

    Hi, Joanne, feels like it's been a while. Subliminal stimuli, eh? As long as it's not gonna make me do some weird Eyes Wide Shut ritual, I'm game! Actually, I might be game for the Eyes Wide Shut stuff too...lol.

  • @iwilleatyou Jan 24

    Wow- I just watched the videos and am amazed at how well you both are taking care of Sirius. The difference in the videos almost makes it look like a totally different cat. The juxtaposition between the videos and your music makes it very relaxing and enjoyable to watch. Thank you! BTW the last video where Sirius is running towards the house and up the steps....almost forgot how quick these felines can be.
    Also, just got your email and will respond soon.
    No worries on the mixing and mastering...I can take care of that. In fact I've been practicing on the mixing for most of 2018. It's an art in and of itself and I'm always learning.

  • @sapient  Jan 23

    Woo! You're back here for more fun!
    I can't wait... 😀

  • @apertome  Jan 22

    Looks like you are back again this year. excellent!

  • @boyatheart  Jan 22

    Hi Joanne. Hope you're around this year. 😀

  • @iwilleatyou Jan 21

    I forgot that guitar is your primary instrument. I feel A LOT better about that considering I know little to no music theory. We can definitely get something going since we understand each other in that regards. Also I have tinnitus so between your hearing issues and my tinnitus we should be able to come up with something that will close down FAWM for good.
    In all seriousness, thanks for the compliments. I'm honored that your honored. So there. I win.
    That link to Sirius (haha...sounds like a space mission) doesn't work. Multiple attempts were made with negative results.
    :Transmission End: 00:11:28:00 Sector Eye

  • @iwilleatyou Jan 20

    Totally agree with @judypie, that's an awesome looking cat! Love the brown shade on the fur.
    So drums along with guitars and vocals (and bass of course). This is going to be quite the collab. I can't believe I never thought of it before...metal guitars over your soundscapes should sound quite good (has to be done just right). I admit I'm a little intimidated because this will be something new for me but I can do it. And this is what FAWM is about so....

  • @judypie  Jan 19

    Stopped by to say I saw your cat on iwilleatyou’s wall! Soooo beautiful ❤️

  • @iwilleatyou Jan 19

    Ah yes, Emile and now another black cat? Definitely do send pics to my board. Don't be shy to bombard me with pics either 😀
    A collab would be AWESOME. Maybe metal guitars and vocals over your sonic scores? We'll get into details come february.

  • @candle  Jan 18

    Bonjour Joanne. I am so sorry to hear about Mantra! Another Cat-Core artist we have lost. But his music will live on forever. Also, sorry I have been out of touch, it has been a crazy year and all of a sudden I realized it's the middle of January! As always, I look forward to your amazing music and more wonderful conversations.

    On Ce Vera Dans Les Ombres…

  • @iwilleatyou Jan 17

    Hi Joanne. My condolences regarding Mantra. First off, thank you for all the pictures and videos you shared. Secondly, thanks for the awesome collaboration last FAWM. How is Mantra's friend? I saved the pictures of course I just forget his name. I'm going to miss Mantra and I'm also grateful he is at peace.

  • @looprication  Jan 16

    Hey there! Well, we’re here and it’s now... or at least I hope so.

  • @adforperu  Jan 14

    Heellllllooooooo..... hope you're here this year!