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Reading, UK   Feb 2010  

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Influences:   Zoë Lewis and her Rubber Band, lovely YouTube artists, Stargirl, Ani DiFranco, Ingrid Michaelson, Sara Bareilles, Alanis Morissette, Patty Larkin, Girlyman and so many others.

I don't think I'll be doing FAWM this time around since I'm working on a dissertation and that kind of does my head in a lot.

[. Who? .]
I'm Kiwi. I have a quirky sense of humour. “Quirky” as an adjective is fitting for just about all of me.

- Rainbow/colour in general.
- Ukulele and music.
- Laughing.
- Rain.
- Art and creativity.
- Love.
- Cuddles.
- Smiles.
- Words.
- Equality, love and peace.
- Rowe and hippies.
- England and New England.
- Anime and films.
- Harold and Maude.

[. What? .]
- 19 years old.
- Student.
- Course: Ecology and Conservation.
- Female.
- Unitarian Universalist - Buddhist; Pagan; Quaker; Zen; Indian spirit; lover of the earth, moon and stars.
- Gay and very out.
- Very liberal; if you respect people, I accept you.
- Fandomer: Tamora Pierce’s Circle of Magic; Harry Potter; Grey’s Anatomy; Sailor Moon; Wicked; Firefly; BSG; more.

[. Where? .]
When my Spanish teacher asked me where I came from, I replied, “My mother.” That is still my most accurate answer. I feel as though I come from everywhere and nowhere, that I‘m meant to go to those same concepts.

I hail from Massachusetts. I‘m a Masshole. I vacation in Maine. I‘m a born and raised New Englander, and I love it.

I go to university in Reading, Berkshire UK, about a half hour from London. I love it there.

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