captainillegible 16


Adelaide AU   Jan 2018

Artist Bio

Influences:   U2, Billy Bragg, 1927, Cold Chisel, Del Amitri, Powderfinger, Pink Floyd, Natalie Merchant, Stella One Eleven, Ocean Colour Scene

I'm a middle-aged bloke in Adelaide, South Australia. Covid-19 has meant that my wife now permanently works from home. Now, while I am obviously very happy that she is with me all the time, she is not happy about me making all sorts of noise while she is trying to work. Therefore, it's unlikely I'll write many (if any) completed songs this year. I will try to write some lyrics, so if anyone likes what I've written, you are welcome to turn them into a song.
An apology in advance:
I'm not much good at analysis, so I can tell you _that_ I like your song, but I can't tell you _why_ I like your song.

Also, while I really do appreciate anyone who listens to my songs, I won't write a thank you post. Instead I'll listen and comment on your songs(s) - please consider that my thanks.


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  • @julesbf  Feb 24

    Thanks for your comment 'John Lennon crossed with David Gilmour.' I will take that every day of the week 😀

  • @mikeb Feb 22

    Thanks for the comment on my week 3 challenge song!

  • @mikeb Feb 17

    Thanks for the comment on my paint chip challenge song!

  • @coolparadiso  Feb 15

    yup in fact he married two aussies,I think he is still married to Emma Standall lives in LA normaly now but he is in Sydney at the moment but he ain't a citizen but we will count anyone! 😀 i am a fan absolutely love "Gone"

  • @dock  Feb 10

    I just uploaded the song. I hope it suits your lyric intent. (I had some technical difficulties with my DAW so I couldn't get more orchestration in it.)

  • @francessmith Feb 7

    Don't worry, I wasn't thinking you were expecting me too, but I really enjoyed doing This Time, so I will be on the lookout to see if there are any more of yours I can do. 😀

  • @francessmith Feb 6

    Hello, I've put up a demo of your lyrics, with my version of a melody. Hope you like it.