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Adelaide AU   Jan 2018

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Influences:   U2, Billy Bragg, 1927, Cold Chisel, Del Amitri, Powderfinger, Pink Floyd, Natalie Merchant, Stella One Eleven, Ocean Colour Scene

Feb 18: Network issues are fixed. Back in the game!
Feb 13: I've found a little time to work on a couple of songs, but after I've posted them it might just be lyrics for the rest of the month.
Feb 11 update: The network at my wife's office has been down since last Tuesday, so she's been working from home. After almost a week they've finally worked out what the problem is, but they're saying it might be a fortnight before they fix it. I hope that's just the tech people giving themselves plenty of time and it will all be sorted tomorrow. But, if not, I won't be writing any songs for the next two weeks.
The main character in my NaNoWriMo novel from last year stumbled across an old forgotten cassette (I know, a cassette!) his band had recorded many years ago. I thought I'd write the 14 songs on the cassette for this year's FAWM.

Side 1:
(You Never Wanted) Me
She’s Only Happy Sometimes
You Didn’t Say Goodbye
Anger or Innocence (Or Both?)
Alone in this World
This Can’t Be The Place
Windswept and Interesting

Side 2:
Dance With Me Again
The Sheer Face of Love
(Please) Answer The Phone
I Know That This Is Not Goodbye
Standing in Line
Not You, Not Today
An Angel Hits The Ground


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  • @goldelion  Mar 1

    Thank you so much for listening to thoughtfully to "I Remember You" - I really appreciate it!

  • @francessmith  Feb 28

    Congratulations on reaching 14. Some really lovely songs in there, hope you're going to do something with them, and take whatever next step is right for you.

  • @francessmith  Feb 26

    The post fawm Album Production Challenge provides a nice bit of motivation, and support, to move beyond demos into something a little better. You could try that.

    Because I've been listening to your songs I can see how much more comfortable you seem to have become doing it. I'm a big fan of moving things forwards, and who needs an audience anyway!

  • @francessmith  Feb 25

    I'll probably try and decide which ones I like best, and then make better recordings, and turn them into a Bandcamp album no one will ever buy.

  • @timfatchen  Feb 19

    Adelaide and I've missed? Well shoot. I'll listen some more come March when Astor brings me home.

  • @owl  Feb 14

    Glad it wasn't a slight on the US as a whole!
    I just felt vaguely protective!

  • @francessmith  Feb 13

    Sorry to hear you can only record songs when you're alone.

    I hope we'll get a few more recordings from you during February, but if you can't do it, never mind.

    You could try 50/90, you don't have to do the whole three months.

  • @francessmith  Feb 12

    Hello Captain Illegible, I haven't seen a song by you for a few days, hope it's not too hot where you are, making you unproductive, as I've heard it's very hot in Australia, at the moment.

    I haven't posted a song myself for a few days either, but I always get stuck a couple of times during fawm, so I know why I've stopped.

  • @misterd Feb 5

    Thanks for listening & positive comments on my tune ‘song of hope ‘. Cheers

  • @nuj4x Jan 24

  • @francessmith  Jan 23

    Hello Captain Illegible, do I detect a profile pic change? are you going to come and fawm again this year? I will look forward to hearing whatever you come up with.