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NW Ontario CA   Jan 2010  

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Influences:   Queen, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Robert Fripp, The Tea Party, Pearl Jam, Explosions In The Sky, Enigma, The Beatles, Hovercraft

Candle is something that needs to be experienced.

The music of Candle has been described as Progressive, Psychadelic, Space Rock, and even Experimental. But what Darby, the artist behind the sounds, is really trying to achieve is a connection with every listener. To make those who choose to listen to his music feel something deep within themselves. Something they might not have ever felt before. Or maybe some memory they cherish deeply. The frequencies and moods created with a single guitar are layered in order to paint vistas which hopefully will let the sensations & imaginations of the listeners rejoice in the experience and become an interactive part of the music itself.

So close your eyes, take a deep breath & relax. Let the music touch your soul.



The past year has been spent developing a fantasy world with three lovely collaborators. We are now in the process of writing the first novels set in that world. If your interested in the world, its cultures & some of the short stories already written, you can check them out at:

Anyway, that brings me to FAWM 2020. A leap-FAWM (14½ songs) & I'm sort of in the same headspace as last year. There is my Oligarchy tracks from last year that I want to do more of. But beyond that, I have no plan. It worked amazingly last year (23 songs, more than I've ever done!), so I figure, why re-invent the wheel, right?

We'll see what happens this year.

See You In The Shadows…

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  • @looprication 9 hours

    Me too, my friend! I can't wait to see what you do with those quirky synths, lush effects, and of course that gorgeous guitar 😀

  • @sapient  2 days

    Ha ha ha... indeed, once it more than enough. FAWM gets me out of my comfort zone quite enough already 😉

  • @kanttila 3 days

    Hey man, yes there are so few of us from this part of the province. I'll be looking to see what you come up with this year!

  • @fuzzy  4 days

    I need to hear more of your awesomeness!
    I think we need to do a Collab at some point if you're willing. Not sure how it'll work, but I'm positive we can figure something out.

  • @metalfoot  4 days

    Looking forward to your music this year! What a strange fall and winter it's been weather-wise here... need more snow!