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Keewatin Canada   Jan 2010  

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Influences:   Queen, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Robert Fripp, The Tea Party, Pearl Jam, Explosions In The Sky, Enigma, The Beatles, Hovercraft



Candle is something that needs to be experienced.

The music of Candle has been described as Progressive, Psychadelic, Space Rock, and even Experimental. But what Darby, the artist behind the sounds, is really trying to achieve is a connection with every listener. To make those who choose to listen to his music feel something deep within themselves. Something they might not have ever felt before. Or maybe some memory they cherish deeply. The frequencies and moods created with a single guitar are layered in order to paint vistas which hopefully will let the sensations & imaginations of the listeners rejoice in the experience and become an interactive part of the music itself.

So close your eyes, take a deep breath & relax. Let the music touch your soul.



My Muse has been trapped (is that the right word?) in various fantasy/sci-fi/speculative fiction millieus of my own creation for the last few months. I have been exploring an ancient race of human-like aliens who once ruled a vast interstellar empire. The survivors of this ancient star empire have been manipulating events in the various worlds of my creative writing. And I'm having a lot of fun exploring these story ideas…

So what does that mean for FAWM 2018? I have one project idea in mind (inspired by a song written by @captainvulpine! a few years ago about scarecrows (a wonderful metaphor I would love to explore)). I also have this weird idea to explore the music of that ancient starfaring race from my creative writing. I've really been playing around with alternate tunings in the last year. By this I mean more then just retuning my guitar using the standard western intonations. I mean, changing the base frequency used for tuning, i.e. A4 = 440hz. My Virlorians (the aforementioned race) use a musical system based on A4 = 432hz. And I still want to play around with differences in step values between notes - i.e. the difference between the frequency of A4 & B4.

This is where my creative headspace is at. We'll see where my Muse decides to take me…

See You In The Shadows…
Update February 9, 2018

So after not having a working internet connection for most of the past week, I have finally been able to get back to the site & post a couple of the completed songs (both of which are non-concept album songs). I am also trying to catch up on my listening & comments - so please be patient with me if I haven't gotten around to your music yet this year. I will soon. In the mean time, I have three songs in the works, with a fourth whose lyrics came to me while at work today. Only one of these songs is part of my Scarecrow concept, so I think I really need to retrun to the Field & follow the Dirt Trail to see where the music leads me next. Until next time…

See You In The Shadows…


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