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Leith, Sco UK   Jan 2009  

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Influences:   Many. Too many.

Hi from Sunny Scotland! Feeling a bit isolated this year, not just because we are all in full lockdown after the UK's gross mismanagement of the pandemic has left us with the highest rate of infection in the world, but also because the UK has now completely removed us from the EU, in a staggeringly face-spiting act of autonasal evisceration.

At least we can still connect through FAWM, until the UK government decides to take back control of the internet and pull up all the fibre-optic cables leading in and out of our islands!

You fawmers are literally my only audience though, now. I no longer believe i'm changing the world for the better by putting songs out there, so it's tough to care, you know? Sorry if that sounds down, it isn't meant to!

I've no idea if i will have time to write any songs, it is pretty busy here in our house at the moment, but i'll be making the effort to keep doing the Offbeat radio show and playing exclusively FAWM songs from the last week of January until at least the first week of March.

Have a good FAWM everyone!


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  • @artie 8 weeks

    Calum, thanks so much for including us in your radio show/podcast. That was a thrill to hear! I really dug your shanty tune and last one you did, thinking about your dad. That felt really meaningful to listen to.

  • @splittybooms  Mar 6

    Hey man, just wanted to say thank you for playing one of my tracks a couple shows ago, I appreciate that!

  • @berni1954  Mar 6

    Glad you liked Queen Beaver's "Cheesy Little Keyboard"

  • @opossum Mar 1

    Dear Calum,

    Thanks fer listenin' to my song and fer the nice comment! I see yer from Scotland? That's where that braveheart feller kicked some english butt, right? I once watched that whole movie through a peephole while hiding in the attic of a Netflix customer!

    Your pal,

  • @saxylizbeth Mar 1

    Hey - thank you for listening and commenting on New Rainy Day and playing it on your show! That was amazing. Thank you so much.

  • @gslade Mar 1

    Waddup bro! What song of mine did you play on your show? I have not made time to listen yet. After fawm ends I can get back engaged in my own podcast,..and hopefully others and shows etc... anyway..thanks for the plug though..let's get you on my show soon!

  • @danvaillancourt  Feb 28

    Thanks for the comment. Nice to see/hear you here again. It is always interesting to see how and think about very topical songs age as time goes by or when removed from their environment (i.e. all the FAWM songs about FAWM, etc.).

  • @emkaydeebee  Feb 28

    Hey, thanks so much for your comment on When we’re nearly 65! It was probably one of the hardest ones I did, trying to work out what to nod to musically as well as the more obvious lyrical content. So I really appreciate your comment on hoe different it is! As a fellow celt, you may like the Welsh song I’ve done (Light of Night - Y Noson Deffro), totally different from this one of course!

  • @radioovermoscow Feb 28

    Thanks! I wrote that song under our three-day lockdown last week, before we went back to normality... and now we're back in a weeklong lockdown thanks to the UK variant which evolved thanks to the Tories' incompetence...

    Hope you're holding up, man. I'm dreading a week at home working with the kids, can't comprehend what yous all have been going through.

  • @mikeskliar  Feb 27

    thanks for the comment/listen on the cabdriver song, and thanks in advance for playin' something of mine on your show! 😀

  • @castledragondreams Feb 25

    No worries, Calum. There's always the next one. 😀

  • @nadine Feb 20

    Thanks for your comments on "Fight for you". It was fun working with that answer-response technique. It's the second time I implemented this. I really dig that sound of that chapman stick bass!

  • @dulcimeric Feb 16

    Thank you for the kind comment on "Anna goes to Glasgow"! I've really enjoyed my time in Scotland in the past, and it was a fun exercise imagining myself visiting again, especially since international travel has been such a forlorn dream/memory this year. loving your songs on here so far!

  • @cts  Feb 16

    I'm late with many thank yous - but always good to hear from you and thanks for stopping by for a listen and comment.

  • @radiobenedetto  Feb 16

    Thx for the kind words about Time to Fly. Judging by your awesome lyric writing in Heave and Haul Away (comments in song thread) thought you might enjoy one of my more lyrical escapades in Jonny Got His Fun ...

  • @nadine Feb 13

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  • @brauer Feb 13

    Hey Calum, great to be mentioned and given air time in your show! Looking forward to hearing what tracks you will choose to play, thanks again, have a super day! With smile, @Brauer

  • @dragondreams  Feb 13

    Thank you for the feedback (and the air time!), Calum. 😀
    I hadn't heard that phrase until I was in my twenties! My family home was (still is) a bungalow too. 😉

  • @mandolinda  Feb 12

    Thank you for the nice comments about my banjo version of Yeah, Yeah Yeah. I practiced for 2 days to get that take. If I have some tab, I can play it somewhat, depends on difficulty. But off the cuff, or in a circle jam, I am too slow for the bluegrassers. ( That's what my sister says)

  • @izaakalexander Feb 6

    Read through your bio, Calum, and I totally get it. I've been feeling similarly in regard to my sphere of influence, and kind of hit a songwriting slump these last few years--- but maybe my government and I have turned a corner. ... maybe. I'm glad you've posted your sea shanty because FAWM is truly some sort of community or tribe or fan base or whatever--- I'm excited to hear what you've created before I even listen, and a lot of times that will change the mindset of the listener in all sorts of ways. The music always sounds different to the listener than it does to the creator. Heading there now.

  • @laurajamesmusic Feb 6

    Thanks for your nice comments about my song ‘curtain’ I think I’m not sure exactly how it all pieces together either apart from it’s a few feelings I had at the same time.
    I’m glad it meant something to you. Thanks for saying nice things x

  • @babs77  Feb 6

    Hey, thanks for including me on your radio show! Reading your bio and feeling a bit heart-broken for you and so many out there who are hit so hard in this pandemic. (Nova Scotia's doing not-so-bad; we're allowed to have concerts, even) I have family and a lot of friends from Scotland and an affinity for that place though I've never been. Hang in there and let this community keep you afloat for a while. The songs are doing somethingl. I have days when I hate music! but always come back to it.

  • @donna  Feb 6

    Calum, thank you for your comment on 'Britannia'. I enjoyed what you wrote. As a matter of fact, 'Britannia' is a kind of 'sister song' to one I'd written about 8 years ago, called 'Come, Hurry Lads to Sydney Cove', in which the POV is from one of the convicts rushing to view the arrival of the ship bearing the 96 women ('Here's hopin' they're all alive', he sings). I thought it would be interesting to write something from the POV of one of the women.

    It was indeed a dark period of history, especially for women. It was after reading the marvellous, comprehensive - even disturbing - historical book 'The Fatal Shore' by Robert Hughes that I felt compelled to write a song about that particular historical incident. Well worth reading if you've an interest in the beginnings of the settlements of Europeans in Australia.

    I hope you and your family are safe and well.

  • @gerrybhoy  Feb 6

    Hi Calum hope all is well, let me know when you have something going and I'll pop over.

  • @hyljetronic Feb 6

    Thank you for your comment to "Sukellus". Yeah, I struggle making them longer. Of course I could make longer loops, but then I'm afraid everybody would lose their interest listening to them. Maybe I'll take this challenge and try to make a longer minimalistic drone (that is still satisfying).

  • @ddd Feb 5

    Thank you for your nice comment and the interesting suggestion.

  • @ineloquentsd  Feb 3

    Thank you for your kind comments on “Orison Unto Brighid.” I hope you had a happy Imbolc as well!

  • @plainwhitetoast Feb 3

    Hi Calum. wanted to thank you for the radio plays last year. difficult year. hope you and yours are well.

  • @feb21sundari Feb 2

    thanks for the comments Culum. Song is nearly ready... but a good recording will take time 😀

  • @gslade Jan 30

    Calum. I hope you know you always have a slot open on the indie show if you're ever interested in being on.

    Good luck this month sir.

  • @jonmeta  Jan 30

    Hello! I can’t remember hearing you during past FAWMs, but in a recent forum post you used the word “penury” so I’m on board this year. Welcome back!

  • @plushbaby  Jan 29

    Hi Calum, thanks for giving our songs an airing on your shows, much appreciated!

    If you like our stuff you might like the solo album from one of us:

    Hope you have a great FAWM!

  • @caterwauler Jan 29

    I'm always honored to be featured in your excellent shows, but knowing that you will be playing @mojo makes me tremendously happy. Thank you so much <3
    Hope you're doing ok in spite of the crazy situation in your area. Wishing you the best for this FAWM and in general.

  • @sunnymae  Jan 28

    Well the world's gone to hell in a handbag so let's get out there and make some good noise. Let it rip Scotland! 🎶☮️

  • @johnstaples  Jan 26

    Hey Calum! Glad to see you back for another round of FAWMing goodness!

  • @mikeskliar  Jan 22

    hey, welcome back, and thanks for that shout-out and playing a song of mine on your program! 😀 great to hear that! you made my day!

  • @elesimo  Jan 21

    Hi, Calum! Wishing you a happy and productive FAWM! I'm sure you can at least make the world better for some FAWMers and inspire them. 😀

  • @elainedimasi  Jan 16

    Hey Calum. I certainly know what I was like "before" and "after" I thought my songs would change the world (or at least a fair chunk of the world surrounding where I was standing). The other people who care are necessary to me - but in retrospect that has been largely FAWMers for all the songwriting I've done. Fortunately, I'm still motivated by discovering existing music, whether it's new or it's old but I missed it the first time around. And having a chance to learn a little more about what makes it tick. Cheers!

  • @ustaknow Jan 16

    ORS - yeehaw! And, write, right, rite! - neWay!