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Lisbon PT   Apr 2013  

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Influences:   the horrors of neoliberal capitalism, fascism in Brazil, the city of São Paulo (my hometown), 6 homophobic men that tried to beat me to death on november/2018, being an immigrant

pronouns: any.

I still have this album concept I devised late in 2017 that I started developing during FAWM 2018, continued on 2019 and intend to conclude on 2020 (my 7th consecutive year doing FAWM). I also want to write an original song for the LGBT choir I'm now a part of and my first song in Catalan. and the big new thing is that I moved to Portugal last July!

the whole story about the 6 guys who tried to murder me is here:

if you wanna listen to my published works, go to my netlabel bandcamp page:

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