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80128 US   Feb 2014


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Influences:   aphex twin, erykah badu, radiohead, stevie wonder, modest mouse, outkast, mice parade, huun huur tu, jaga jazzist, Joni Mitchell

Took a year off, good to be back. I'll be leaving on the horse I rode in on, but through a door I've never taken before.

Time was I would spend the whole month and quite a bit of emotional capital on FAWM. This year didn't have the time, or energy. But pretty happy considering the late start, and lack of equipment. Every song was either written in an hour or improvised : ] thanks for checking it out


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  • @hummingbear Feb 26

    Thanks for your comments, and listening to Summer Day. Yup, ready to hop into summer.
    Were you ever really successful at throat singing? The singers were saying (in some interview) that they had been studied, they use different muscles for some of the effects and have a special way to train. Wild. Hope those elements are never lost; it's one reason I love world music so much. There are things we've never heard (techniques, instruments, patterns) and might never dream up here in mainstream USA.

  • @hummingbear Feb 26

    Also a fan of Huun Huur Tu; have never found another American who knew of or was interested in the group ... Greetings!!

  • @bursts  Feb 25

    Using only a pixel this year, my desktop gave out recently.
    So no access to Reaper, trying my best to put out something decent anyway : ]