bunter 6


Canterbury GB   Jan 2020

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No bio for this fawmer. 😞


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  • @musicsongwriter  Feb 26

    Hello Billy. You are very welcome. It is always amazing to hear your songs.

  • @heidiserwer  Feb 17

    Thank you for your comments on Pine Needles!

  • @gm7  Feb 15

    Thx..for your wonderful comment.
    I don't sing anymore..
    the last time I did my neighbour thought my cat was stuck in the shed
    Your welcome to try something that would be interesting.

  • @arkka  Feb 12

    Thank you so much!

  • @musicsongwriter  Feb 10

    Hello Billy, thank you, I have a piano piece posted and I'll try for more, it's not that easy as there are many noises outside in spite of the lockdown or maybe because of it. Anyway, will try πŸ˜€ Thank you again.

  • @musicsongwriter  Feb 10

    Thank you Billy, your comment made me smile πŸ˜€
    Hope everything is good for you. So glad to hear your songs again.
    Have a great Winter. If you feel like collaborating on something I'd be delighted.

  • @dudachris Feb 1

    Thanks for your comments and I am so sorry to hear about your friend. I miss playing sports with friends SO MUCH.

    Looking forward to hearing some of your stuff when it comes out 😁

  • @bunter  Feb 1

    Hello Donna.

  • @donna  Jan 31

    Billy? Is anyone in there yet? πŸ˜€