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Influences:   Bach, Beethoven, Beatles, Bela Fleck, Bruce Cockburn, Jethro Tull, Tom Waits, Lyle Lovett, Laurie Anderson, T Bone Burnett, @GregScheer , @StevenWesleyGuiles, @jeffy, @danieljacob, @dragondreams, @sapient and many other fawmers

I wish I could nail it down, but I'm just too flakey for that. My music runs from Americana to Zydeco. I've written a Punk song that features Kiri Te Kanawa. That should be a hint.

I write children's songs, love songs, drinking songs, vulgar songs and spirituals.

I play the guitar okay and I know how to work a bass. I can find my way around a flute. I bang on the piano, and with varying degrees of competence (generally on the lower end of the spectrum) play the flute, saxophone, clarinet, trombone, trumpet, banjo, ukulele, mandolin, and didgeridoo.

I subscribe to Robert Heinlein's Perfect Man idea ( and I've done most of the things on that list. I haven't died gallantly yet, but it's on my bucket list.

2019 Goal: Some really good music that I can polish and shine. Really like to try to get at least one ska piece done, a formal "composition", and some collabs.

2018 - 2 Songs.

2017 - 21 Songs. Highlight: an Exquisite Corpse performed live with the other songwriters at a FOP in Austin, TX.

2016 - 17 songs, not a keeper in the bunch

2015 - 14 songs, by the skin of my teeth.
2014 - 30 songs completed.
25 songs written by me including
4 collabs and corpses
6 additional songs written as my alter-ego
2013 - 32 songs completed.
27 songs including 6 collabs written by me
5 additional songs written as my alter-ego.
2012 - 14.5 songs completed.
2011 - 14 songs completed.
2010 - 5 songs completed.

I also write as my alter-ego @mystupidbrother and my band @thumperandsmash.

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No songs by this fawmer (yet).


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  • @sw1n3flu  18 hours

    Awesome dude. I need the 14/28 challenge 😏

  • @natrin 21 hours

    Yeah that fixed it, didn't need to include my own http >.< Thanks again 😁

  • @natrin 21 hours

    Thanks for the note about the links - I've noticed similar issues on other profiles, so I probably should have checked me own 😀 Possibly a FAWM issue setting a default prefix

  • @sw1n3flu  22 hours

    Yo! We doing the 14 lbs in 28 days challenge again?

  • @gregthehero 5 days

    Happy 2019 Brownium, you mutli-instrument-machine!