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US   Feb 2020

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Joined FAWM a bit late but it was after I wrote a song this month so here goes! I wrote It's You Every Time, an iPhone breakup song, for last week's Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle, and was reminded about FAWM there, so joined FAWM on Thursday the 6th. Today's the 8th. So far I've written two songs this month now. Gotta get my butt going..
LOVE listening to other's songs and recordings!!
I've been a music teacher and musician forever, but been writing regularly (again, after a long hiatus) for three years now. Just feeling confident enough again to share stuff and play out a bit.
I live in Pittsburgh now but from Portland, OR and that's really where my heart lies. Might write a song about it. 😀 Pittsburgh is a great place too though. Cost of living soooo much better here.

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