brideoffester 10


Manhattan US   Jan 15

Artist Bio

Influences:   Classic rock, goth rock, death rock, horror punk, psychobilly, everything spooky

Hi everyone! I'm just trying to make some death/gothrock. I'm always open to feedback and collaboration (especially since I can't play instruments)

2021- 10/14 songs completed


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  • @brideoffester Mar 1

    Yeah, at this point I'm giving up on getting them all done. 10/14 isn't too shabby though. Maybe next year. Hope you guys like what I did make. Might post some more stuff here anyway

  • @brideoffester Feb 1

    Hello everyone! My album for this event will be titled "Life With Monsters," and it will be a concept album for using imagery of monsters and other horror motifs as metaphors for certain aspects of my life and the world in general. One track I will include was already created around Halloween, with instruments and mixing done by Kristian Bates and lyrics and vocals by myself. Here are links to it and Bates' personal account. Tell me what you think! Excited to start working!

  • @tseaver  Jan 16

    Welcome, and happy FAWMing!