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Influences:   Cory Branan, Tim Barry. Nostalgically, Ministry (and related side projects) and Lookout! Records pop punk bands.

I play under the moniker of Brad Bru & The Crowd Goes Wild. I also music direct/host an evening of live radio plays in Chicago called Whiskey Radio Hour Quarterly. I first did FAWM in 2012.

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In 2018, I released a 16-minute EP of fun/funny songs called How Absurd featuring full-band treatments of such FAWM classics as "Penis with the Wings of an Eagle" and "Walrus Love Song" in addition to "Some Things Do Not Belong in Our Mouths" and "Status Update This, Jerks!" I also released a Christmas single, another FAWM tune called "Joy (Christmas with Mr. Waits)."

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Other links (Soundcloud and Bandcamp) are above. Thanks!

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  • @fuzzy  2 days

    Yeah, I like the fake band name thread, too.
    If I recall correctly, you contributed a lot of imaginative and hilarious names.

  • @johncrossman  4 days

    I'm considering starting a band called Bird Bro and the Crew Gets Weird. Probably either primarily playing frat house gigs or arks. Wondering if you think that's a good idea...?

    Actually stopped by to say seeing you here makes me happy, you happymaker. Looking forward to the fun in '19!

    Also the audio book reader on "Open" may have added to the depressing tone of the book. I kept wanting to tell him to quit calling himself such a loser, grow up, take some more responsibility for his actions (blaming other people for tattling on him when he swore repeatedly in matches and got in trouble for it, for example), or appreciate more. Which, I suppose was all a large part of the point. I did appreciate the openness of it, again, which was really the point.

  • @barbara  5 days

    Hi Brad! Good to see you getting revved up. Happy FAWMing! 🙂

  • @zecoop  6 days

    Hey there Brad!! FAWM is almost here... 😀