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Influences:   Cory Branan, Tim Barry. Nostalgically, Ministry (and related side projects) and Lookout! Records pop punk bands.

I play under the moniker of Brad Bru & The Crowd Goes Wild. I also music direct/host an evening of live radio plays in Chicago called Whiskey Radio Hour. My first FAWM was in 2012.

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In Feb 2020, I had a new full-band EP called Artful Doors come out on Spotify, etc.

Here's a Spotify link:

Other links (Soundcloud and Bandcamp) are above. Thanks!

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Songs (15)

#1 Gresham Elevator 35
Feb 2020
#2 Summer Heat (guitar version) 15
Feb 2
#3 Summer Heat (piano version) 9
Feb 2
#4 Ennio Morricone Rides Into the Sunset 16
Feb 3
#5 13/4 Mood 15
Feb 5
#6 Marimba & Distorted Bass 20
Feb 7
#7 All the Platitudes in the World Can't Save Me @guatecoop  28
Feb 9
#8 Degenerate 15
Feb 9
#9 10x10 - Felt Depressed Idk Might Delete Later 12
Feb 14
#10 Never Leave 20
Feb 18
#11 No One Knows @erbaer  9
Feb 21
#12 Whiskey Radio Hour presents...Dial-a-Dad 10
Feb 21
#13 Whiskey Radio Hour presents...Pierce & Quibble, Editors 11
Feb 22
#14 Pelouse Interdite (Keep Off the Lawn) 10
Feb 24
#15 Grateful Loop 12
Feb 27


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  • @sph  Mar 12

    Thanks Brad, the melodies in the song are just placeholders. I hope my band comes up with something useful.

  • @sunnymae  Mar 11

    Hey Brad
    Thank you for such meticulous feedback on she's back. I'm glad you enjoyed all the changes. This is one I will re-record in the studio and get it nice and tight. Thanks again!

  • @zecoop  Mar 10

    Nuh uh... 😉

  • @cheezeboy Mar 9

    Thanks for the comments!

  • @misterd Mar 9

    Thanks so much for listening to my song and the lovely comments . Made my day ! Thankyou kindly ! 😊👋

  • @brad7a0 Mar 8

    Thank you for listening to my song and leaving a comment!

  • @dzd  Mar 6

    Hey thanks! That frolieander I found led me down a path I've tried to stay off of haha. Ill let ya know how it goes.

  • @spunky4455 Mar 5

    Thanks for pointing me to that Sampha song. I've never heard that song before. I sure wish I could sing like that, but I'm cool with doing it my own way. I just shot a quick video for my song and hope to have it ready to share soon.

  • @audrey  Mar 5

    Thank you for your comment on Jealousy.

  • @emkaydeebee  Mar 4

    Thanks for commenting on ‘Alone’ - yes, that’s certainly part of it...

  • @downfallroad  Mar 4

    Heh, here's a secret: the drum track is normally the same on every song during FAWM. Will fix this later when there is more time. Lol! Thanks for listening!

  • @raygungirls Mar 4

    Thanks for coming by and getting crushed by "The Deceiver". The lyrics were strung together using the FAWM Muse Lyricloud tool... but, if any meaning were to be put to them, it would most likely lean towards anti Tele Evangelists, rather than anti Christian - hence the golden calf.... maybe... 😁

  • @mikedebenham  Mar 4

    Cheers, Brad. I always enjoy your output too. At some point I'll have to clone myself so I can get proper listening done during February when it counts.

  • @smiley Mar 3

    Thanks for checking out "Plus One". It was written for my niece. She is 12 and is affectionately known as Plus One. She requested that I write her a song. I appreciate you noticing the mando.

  • @jonmeta  Feb 28

    Thanks, Brad. What an encouraging comment. It seems that “We had almost given up believing in miracles until the moment we met you” applies even more to your niece. Congratulations.

  • @moonraccoon  Feb 27

    I appreciate the feedback on my 10x10 😀

  • @metalfoot  Feb 26

    Thanks for taking the time to listen through my 10x10s... it was fun but nuts to do 4 in one day!

  • @tseaver  Feb 26

    @bradbrubaker Thanks for the listen to my song, "Who Is This Old Man?" You asked, "I'm not sure I get the second stanza in your tune. Is he in an empty barber shop?" I meant to be wondering where all the gray hairs came from, since nobody else was there, but I see the ambiguity which puzzled you: thanks for pointing it out!

  • @tamsnumber4  Feb 25

    Thanks for your comments on my songs "Erase Me" and "Half Way There", I appreciate it!

  • @barbara  Feb 25

    Listening time is in short supply this month. I’m coming back later with an eye on No.10, Never Leave. If you prefer a different one just let me know.

  • @barbara  Feb 25

    Awww.... thanks!!

  • @mariekevinkmusic  Feb 24

    Thanks for the feedback. I am in awe of how nice people are about new songwriters here. It has certainly helped me to overcome the fear of writing imperfect stuff. Turns out everybody is right: just write and write and write and eventually something good will come out 😀

  • @leah0k  Feb 23

    Ha! You’re funny, glad you’re digging my FAWM songs, thanks for the comments!

  • @rubberbandage  Feb 23

    Thanks for your kind words on such a silly song! I’ve been super lucky to live in the extremely diverse CA Bay Area for a long time now, but I’ve always loved language, and learning new hello/goodbye/please/thank you phrases is something I love doing.

  • @redlady8029  Feb 22

    Thank you for the comment. You made me laugh. I am glad you like the piece. I have been working on making my word pictures line by line more vivid and meaningful. Thanks to the encouragement. I am always open to collaboration just let me know. Thank again so much.

  • @misterdemp  Feb 21

    Hey thanks for the comment! As far as what I do, yeah I'm really a cellist.

  • @erbaer  Feb 21

    Great finale to Morph2. The verses are sharp and funny. I'm impressed at how you isolated the vocal on the chorus. Thanks

  • @rotundosealeg Feb 19

    Haha thanks for your comment! I appreciate the humor 😊

  • @marvsmooth  Feb 15

    I've now made the song Follow downloadable -

  • @lbcsrw Feb 14


  • @mlm Feb 13

    Thank you for the comment on my track!

  • @wolfkier Feb 12

    Thanks for your kind words 😀

  • @chriddof Feb 12

    Thanks for the comment on "Electric Lawnmower People...". It's much appreciated!

  • @ceilidh  Feb 12

    Thanks for your feedback on Golden Chain! When I heard it read by the congregation, it reminded me of the congregations at church reading the Apostle's Creed or The Lord's Prayer as a group. And it struck me that it expressed sentiments that many faiths could get behind if worked into a song. 😀

  • @yewnorker Feb 12

    Thanks for your comments. I'll be sure to listen to yours asap. Keep creating

  • @chucknamaste Feb 12

    Sticks and Stones should be downloadable directly on FAWM now! Thanks for reaching out 🍻

  • @nahlej381  Feb 12

    Thanks for the kind words

  • @nicolascage Feb 11

    Money can not buy happiness, sir. Though, admittedly, it can make sadness quite comfortable.

  • @monty  Feb 11

    Thanks for listening to and commenting on What The Funk. Band in a Box (and the Realtracks that work with it) are sort of like Garageband on steroids. You can generate convincing accompaniment tracks and even solos all inside your computer if you know something about chords and chord progressions. I consider it an instrument unto itself once you start to understand it's potential.

  • @emkaydeebee  Feb 11

    Thanks Brad - glad it comes across!

  • @tomslatter Feb 11

    Thank for the comment. I tried a really odd time signature the other day. 4/4. Ever tried that? 4 beats in a bar. Feels weird. You can't do it for a whole song I don't think...

  • @mikehex  Feb 11

    Thanks for listening Brad, glad you liked the lyrics to spitball. I had it wandering around in my head for a couple of days and ended up with a bunch of lyrics that I really liked, and a bunch more to fill in the verses. Sometimes I forget which were which.

  • @cphaurckker  Feb 11

    greetings, Brad - thanks for checking out "The Falling Glass" - that goodwill line? Totally a true story.

    Looking forward to listening to your stuff!

  • @tjeff  Feb 11

    Hi Brad - thanks so much for listening and commenting. No that's not a melodica - actually a synth version of a Mexican accordion. I was experimental and it turned out to be a great fit.

  • @ceilidh  Feb 11

    Thanks for your comments on Carnelian Carnival. The music is now posted! 😀

  • @mariekevinkmusic  Feb 10

    Thanks for liking my acapella song. For a beginning songwriter, the idea of someone whose work I really like saying it is really good is just wonderful.

  • @barbara  Feb 10

    I happen to adore Eddie Vedder’s “Hard Sun” from Into the Wild and that amazing mountain scene.. So based on your (absolutely wonderful) comment, I went to Youtube to revisit it. And wouldn’t you know it, my song fits neatly inside that chord progression, and there’s even maybe some overlap with the melody of the instrumental portion. I was blissfully unaware of that, but I think I’m okay with it.
    I’m happy for the download!

  • @billwhite51 Feb 10

    thank you for your comment on dont let me fall to sleep. ill have to admit waits was crowding me on this one amd i didmt push him out of the way.

  • @atam94 Feb 8

    hey Brad! I added some vinyl crackle noises during the gap as well as the phone ringing. Together, they transition to the rain sounds and the start of the phone conversation. Thanks for checking out the track(s). By the end of the month, I might split the two again and not make the last half a hidden track. We'll see... haha.

  • @coolparadiso  Feb 7

    On tilting at windmills. When the book is taught/ analysed it generally accepted that one of the main themes is exactly that “ sometimes a man can be correct and it is society that is in the wrong”. Must admit I've felt that a few times! @sjbatavia

  • @splittybooms  Feb 7

    Regarding 'Simpler Days', La Vie en Rose isn't a song I had heard, nor heard of. But thank you for bringing it to my attention, as I looked it up and love Louis Armstrong's version.

  • @sjbatavia  Feb 7

    Thanks for commenting on Tilting at Windmills. In response to your question regarding the last two lines "An individual can be right
    Society can be wrong", I didn't write the lyrics, but to me it says that in spite of adversity and criticism, one has to be true to one's self.
    @coolparadiso may want to add additional insight.

  • @tan482 Feb 7

    Hey, thanks for listening. Hoping my bandmate @dani312 can make it into a song!

  • @bri4n  Feb 7

    Thank you for the comments on my #5 😉 Yea, in retrospect having an aspect of the beat continue with the sudden swap at the 2:00m mark probably would have helped tie things together better while also maintaining a transition to a new theme. Grats on getting a track a day done plus the new EP!

  • @coolparadiso  Feb 5

    thx for your comments. yup fixed the lyrics. I'm on the road and am cutting and pasting from place to place , do thx for letting me know.

  • @lisamarie777 Feb 5

    Haha, so true re: the all namaste bit re: my yoga trip song. One silver lining I should have perhaps mentioned is that we went to The Chicago Music Exchange for the first time. That was so very cool! 😀

  • @sbs2018 Feb 5

    Thank you so much for being the first to comment on “Treat You Right” and for letting me know the specifics of what you liked. Very helpful!

  • @atam94 Feb 5

    thanks for the comment on "inasayama"! I really did have fun working on the video for it, so I'm glad you enjoyed it 😁

    Man, I only shared the first song/video publicly on my Youtube channel so far. I'm trying to limit myself to 1-2 a week on there, so I don't burn out my viewers while I'm over here making (hopefully) 14 of these in only a month haha. That being said, I'm excited for when I can finally share this one with everyone else, too.

  • @sbs2018 Feb 4

    Thank you for the nice comment on “Deja vu....”

  • @ayehahmur  Feb 4

    Thanks for commenting on Olivia James. It's really great to get positive comments for something that came out in such a rush.

  • @atam94 Feb 4

    hey Brad, thanks for checking out my second song! You were right in hearing a piano-like sound. The Volca FM ambient pad that I used sounds a bit different depending on the velocity of the key presses. When I played notes more frequently, rather than holding them out, it definitely gives off a piano sound.

  • @barbara  Feb 3

    I never mind a comparison. I think it’s fun to try to hear myself through someone else’s associations to what I’ve done. Thank for the comment!

  • @coolparadiso  Feb 3

    well you've named it pick up note so now it is! I have no idea if it had a previous name. it just came to me trying to change a boring progression into something interesting. thx for listening.

  • @guatecoop  Feb 2

    hey could you email me? i

  • @atam94 Feb 2

    Hey Brad, thanks for checking out my autumn leaves song and video! You asked about the chords, so I just wanted to answer that briefly. I used a resonator effect on the master sound effects layer and had it switch between A, G, and D. I used my bass guitar as a drone playing root notes of the chords (sometimes 5ths) and Volca FM synth to back up the sfx with the resonator. For the guitar, I was in DADGAD tuning. These are all details that I didn't think of adding in the liner notes for my first song. I'm going to do a more detailed write-up on the next batch of songs! Thanks again for checking it out.

  • @guatecoop  Jan 2020

    Sounds like a plan to me! Any sounds that you prefer? Styles? You do most anything

  • @guatecoop  Jan 2020

    Wow, I’m the big winner getting you for a random collab!! I’m very pleased and excited to work with you. I’ve always admired your music.

  • @fuzzy  Jan 2020


  • @atam94 Jan 2020

    ....aaand my mobile hotspot just ran out of data on my laptop for the month... I'll pick up where I left off once I get home. Again, thanks for sharing your EP early!

  • @atam94 Jan 2020

    thanks for sharing the private link! I replied in your forum post but forgot to tag you in my comment. Anyway, I'm on the 4th track now and it's been a pleasure to listen to so far 😁

  • @atam94 Jan 2020

    hey Brad, I'm going to keep an eye out for the Artful Doors release on the 8th! Frost in Hampton is so good 😁

  • @gloverm  Jan 2020

    Welcome back, Brad! I still randomly yell out "the clam before the storm!"

  • @heidiserwer  Jan 2020

    Hi Brad! Happy FAWM!

  • @johncrossman  Jan 2020

    I have never even heard of this Paul's Pel'meni, but now I must try it. Thanks for the tip!

  • @guatecoop  Jan 2020

    Hey there! I’m looking forward to hearing your music again this year. You certainly bring something less pedestrian to the party.

  • @kellylog99 Jan 2020

    Welcome back to FAWM! Im excited to see whatcha got!

  • @zecoop  Jan 2020

    You always bring FAWM fun... Looking forward to yours too! 😀

  • @barbara  Jan 2020

    Hi Brad! Happy FAWM!

  • @johncrossman  Jan 2020

    Standing by to go wild for whatever you create this Feb...

  • @sailingmagpie  Jan 2020

    Hope you have a great FAWM!

  • @zecoop  Jan 2020

    Happy FAWM!

  • @spikedirection Jan 2020

    Have a great Feb Brad!

  • @tsunamidaily  Jan 2020

    have the best FAWM this year!