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Influences:   Extremely eclectic. 80s & 90s indie, rock n pop. Bangles, Spin Doctors, 4NonBlondes, REM, Beautiful South, Nirvana, Bon Jovi, Kiss, Guns n Roses, Bananarama, Shakespeare's Sister. PWEI, Jesus Jones. Hip hop, RnB, soul. Mel n Kim, Salt n' Pepa, Seal. Nursery rhymes, folk, punk, blues, funk. Skiffle. Ska. Motown. Michael Jackson. Rosetta Tharpe. Fats Domino. Marvin Gaye. The Beatles. The Rolling Stones. Family faves, one hit wonders, novelty songs. The Wombles. Children's TV themes. Film music. Classical. Hymns, Christmas carols and modern worship music. Metal and Gothic rock. Eurovision. Beverley Knight. White Stripes/Jack White. The list goes on.

Kid in the 80s and 90s. Failed Greta Thunberg.
I have no clue about genres. Also open to collaborations/alternative demos of these lyrics.
And constructive criticism welcome. Some kind of notation - be it guitar tabs or melody in whatever format - if that could be extracted that would be cool! Or demos extracted & cleaned up/autotuned. That's a very high hope though. Understandably unlikely.

Diagnosed with autism less than a month ago.

Songs (15)

#1 Hey Mr Miles, Sir! 5
Feb 25
#2 Global Warning 1
Feb 25
#3 **Retracted, sorry.** (Sheep-Fork) 2
Feb 25
#4 Recycle or Burn (Never Throw Stuff Away) 4
Feb 25
#5 If We're All Just Fodder (Eat the rich) 3
Feb 25
#6 Glistering 2
Feb 25
#7 100% 2
Feb 25
#8 #054 Crush 2
Feb 25
#9 If you were me 3
Feb 25
#10 One of us 3
Feb 25
#11 Gannets and Terns 2
Feb 25
#12 Vulnerable child 4
Feb 25
#13 Face 2 Face 2
Feb 25
#14 Fair Trade (Cuppa cuppa?) 4
Feb 25
#15 The Ballad of Joan and Harry 2
Feb 28


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  • @br0th3rh00d Mar 2

    @wobbiewobbit Thank-you for the flattering and sincerely nice words! I need to work out what 50/90 is, as I don't know.

  • @wobbiewobbit  Mar 1

    glad you got stuff posted this FAWM and 15 yay Congratulations!
    i think you have a really good ear for natural sounding catchy phrases and a good humour with underlying political depth. well done. Are you planning on doing 50/90?

  • @br0th3rh00d Feb 28

    When you garner tunes like you make them up/folk-memory them for nursery rhymes and then forget and try to do it a few days and a lack of sleep and too many songs since then!!

  • @br0th3rh00d Feb 28

    @nerdjealous Aw - thanks! Very flattering and glad to have you fired up! If we ever going again, you could try and drop by the Bradford scene, maybe at the literature festival or something! Sadly some of our beautiful regular venues and the nights associated with them possibly have not made it through the pandemic, but we're determined folx! It will be interesting to see what happens.

  • @nerdjealous  Feb 27

    Welcome to FAWM! Wow what a lovely collection of word goodies!! I saw you posted in the Northern Souls thread and checked out a few vids off your playlist.. seems I'm now suitably I spired to create some spoken word pieces again! I love how you put your captions in with analytic descriptions. Seems I can learn something from your approach. Happy FAWMing and allthabest! 😁

  • @br0th3rh00d Feb 26

    Hello 👋🤩

  • @br0th3rh00d Feb 25

    Thoughts and songs... Thoughts and songs.