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Phuket TH   Feb 2008  

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Back again.
I had no time to write after FAWM 2019 and I have to make up for it by writing this February. I'm already pretty booked up for the month, but I will do what I can to keep FAWMing. It keeps me alive!

No idea what I'm going to do for FAWM 2020 except write and record.

A playlist of all my FAWM songs this year in chronological order will be here:

Here's to a great leap FAWM.
Rob C

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  • @mctown 2 days

    Onward it goes....

  • @guatecoop  6 days

    Hey there! I always enjoy what you do and am looking forward to hearing more! Happy fawming

  • @oddbod  1 week

    Hi Rob. The year doesn't really start until 1 Feb

  • @cts  1 week

    Brother Rob - we’ve nothing but time and patience. I’m on board whenever you’re ready to make it happen. And yeah, it wouldn’t be FAWM without a collab or two with you!

  • @tsunamidaily  1 week

    have the best FAWM this year!