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Brighton GB   Jan 19  

Artist Bio

Influences:   Hell Is For Heroes, Alcest, Tool, Kate Bush, Toyah, Eminem, 2000s Trance.

I'm Kat, one half of Boxtape. I've been a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter for many years. Been in signed bands writing primarily heavy material. Now work more as a songwriter / Youtuber as well as in music education. Main genres at the moment are indie/dreampop experimental, sometimes with a bit of rock.

First year of FAWM so excited, nervous, scared but also up for the challenge.

I put together a pre-FAWM vlog outlining a few ideas here -

The first video of a FAWM mini-series is here -

Second FAWM Video -


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  • @postcardhelicopters  Feb 25

    Hi - just wanted to say thanks for you comment about the Milwaukee song. That second-half of the second-verse was my favorite part of the lyric 😀

  • @chrishope Feb 12

    hi back

  • @larryw Feb 3

    Hi, thanks for the comment on my "Christmas" song, yes I was kind of thinking a reggae or latin feel to it.

  • @postcardhelicopters  Feb 1


    I suppose it's a byproduct of closely parsing potential band names, now that I think "Soundtracks for Insomniacs" might not be the right way to go. I'm trying to come up with another alternative and it has me pulling out the spyglass to investigate words. 😀

  • @postcardhelicopters  Jan 30

    Welcome to your first year of FAWM!

    So, I read the band name and hear "Boxtape" as "boxed ape" and that suggests "domesticated primates" aka "humans" and wonder "is this suggestion intentional?" If not, it's a nice added layer. 😀

  • @wobbiewobbit  Jan 30

    hi hope you have a great first fawm. i saw your interest on the london after fawm party thread , keep an eye out on that, i am down in worthing quite often so am an honarary south coaster too.

  • @julesbf Jan 26

    Hey, great to see another sussex participant (left many years ago but lived in Eastbourne for the first 17.5 years of my life). Good luck with FAWM 😀

  • @majordanby  Jan 23

    Hey Boxtape. From just down the coast from you. Looking forward to hearing what you come up with.

  • @oddbod  Jan 23

    Hi Kat, welcome to FAWM.

    FYI - Your Soundboard is the place for other Fawmers to leave messages for you. If you want to reply to them, it's best to leave a message on their Soundboard rather than your own. Otherwise, the forums are the best place to introduce yourself or ask questions.

    TIp - If you're replying to someone in the forums, you can tag that person by writing their name with the @ before it - e.g. @oddbod
    That message will then show up in the person's "Recent Activity" page.
    Note - this only works in the forums though, not on messages left on Soundboards.

    Have a good one

  • @boxtape Jan 23

    I write songs pretty frequently but not at this pace, excited and scared! What about you?