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  Jan 2008

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Influences:   Kevin Devine, Bad Books, Death Cab for Cutie, Matt Pond PA, Stars, Manchester Orchestra, Bright Eyes, the Dear Hunter, Decemberists, Future Islands, Elliott Smith, Right Away Great Captain, Radical Face, Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker, Boy Genius, Velvet Underground, etc..

2019. New year new FAWM.

Over the last year I've been re-evaluating my music and kind of my approach to it. I came up with a new "band name" even though my band is basically me and myself.

I'm excited to get this one going. I already have an idea for my album picked out. I'm making charts and stuff and have a few "ideas" down in the lead-up.

Basically it's going to be an album centered around the story of 5 people. A Narrator, a Boy, a Girl, a Father and his Son. They'll all "run into each other" in some way as the story goes and interconnect a bit. Hopefully it's as interesting on paper as it is in my head.

I'm also going to go for a more fully realized production. My goal is to get out of the month with an album completely finished from the writing, recording, mixing, etc. A full production. Lofty? Maybe. But I feel like that's a better goal for me than writing 50 songs as I've done in some other years.

Anyway, cheers to the new year!

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  • @tcelliott  1 day

    Heya! Great goal. I admire it. And I aim to increase my production skills and fail... so I'm hoping you'll inspire me to maybe be a bit more successful on that front. Here's to another great Fawm.

  • @sarahmonticue 2 days

    Hey hey! So glad we did that great listen through last year! Glad to see you back again too!

  • @stevenwesleyguiles  2 days

    Excited to be back at it again! 😀