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Cincinnati USA   Jan 2012

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Influences:   I don't think I've written enough to distinguish between what influences me and what I like yet. Here's who I'm listening to right now: St. Vincent, Sufjan Stevens, Florence + the Machine, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Earth, Swans, Arcade Fire, Janelle MonaĆ©, Flying Lotus, Baths

Bonjour! I'm a twenty-something singer-songwriter type. I play piano and sing primarily. While I can technically play some brass, I don't own any. This will be my fourth FAWM. Last year I didn't participate, because I had a lot change at once - new job, moving to another state, and starting grad school. I'm excited to hop back in this year. Because of my new living situation, my recording method is silly, but makes sure I don't drive my neighbors insane:

1. I'm hooking up my keyboard to a MIDI converter, which records to a track in Garageband

2. I'm going out to my car with snowball mic on a second track, and recording in my car.

I'm sure I look a little crazy, but hey - no noise complaints this way!

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