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98144 US   Jan 2012


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Influences:   other FAWMers, kate bush, neil young, nick drake, rem, eddie vedder /pj, the cure, tragically hip, laura veirs, kate bush, jeff buckley, john hiatt, wilco

WA based singer songwriter with 8 CD's. Many of the songs are from FAWM immersions!


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  • @bluejean  Feb 7

    @elenaduff thats very clever! I’ve used a capella app but not sure how to add video that starts later on so this was really cool.

  • @elenaduff Feb 6

    thanks for your comment on my sea shanty! I just used iMovie, you've to put two videos in, there's a setting to have them side by side, then i saved that, then reopened the joined video, added another using 'picture in picture' saved and repeated until I had the four separate images!