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Winnipeg Canada   Feb 2016

Artist Bio

I enjoy writing what I hope are good metal lyrics outside of trying to write out stories.


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  • @elainedimasi  Feb 6

    Startling Message Sent From Overseas!

    The wireless station is buzzing like a hornet's nest, and people are running around at the Newspaper like somebody's head has been cut off. Not that you can see who. You came here on your day off to find out what the heck is going on, and all they're telling you is to get down to the Unnamable and report. Yeah, that sad sack of a "haunted house" - you've had that nothingburger eat up your lunch hour before.

    But this time - it's simply not there. Where the house stood is an unfathomable abyss.

    Oh, and that would be a nightgaunt? It wheels in the air above the yawning chasm and gives you the stink-eye.