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Lima PE   Jan 2014  

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Influences:   this year my active influences have been Paul Bley, Cecil Taylor, Herbie Hancock, Bill Evans, Miles Davis, The Last Poets, Gregory Corso, JIm Morrison, Tony Bennett, Frank Zappa, Bill Evans, and Ed Sanders

I started taking songwriting seriously when I traded by trumpet for a guitar in 1970, and for several years the results were not very good. I wrote three songs a week to play at the open mike, and never got much response.I was told my harmonic experiments were interesting, but my lyrics were overly influenced by the poetic theories of Robert Graves, and few people had much idea what I was singing about. Besides, the competition was so strong in those days that my primitive meanderings had no chance in the market. It wasnt until punk rock opened peoples ears that I began to connect with the public. I wrote some pretty good stuff from 78 to 82 and had a decent following for my bands. Then I moved from Seattle to Boston, where nobody knew me, so I languished until 86, when I met Tracy Chapmen and a host of others in the New England songwriters revival. I recorded an album, but was dissatisfied with it and used it as a demo, which put me on the folk circuit for the next five years. I also got involved in theatre and wrote the scores for two plays that toured Russia. Then Britpop hit and went back to rock music. I moved back to Seattle and started a band with an old friend who had been Soundgardens drum tech and was now out of work because the band broke up. We recorded an EP, which was enthusiastically received, but there was too much conflict in everybodys lives so I headed South, where I was befriended by James Blood Ulmer who led me into the world of harmolodic blues. I stayed there until I was able to create my own style out of it, and made some 4 track recordings that i liked, but there were too many defets in the sound recording for it to be commercial. Eventually I returned to Seattle and wrote music for a young poet I had met. We started a band with him as singer and me as guitarisit, and had a pretty good run until he got married and disappeared. Then I teamed up with ex Van Morrison sidewoman, violinistToni Marcus, and returned to writing for and fronting a band. Joining a group called songwriters in seattle spurred me to new creativity in writing, and then I left the country to marry a girl in Peru. this is where i discovered FAWM, and decided to limit my songwriting to the month of february. then 50 90 got my attention and no i and now I write over 100 songs a year., Last year i depleted my mental capacity fr wriing songs on guitar, so this year i will be working with he piano,

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  • @sbs2018  2 days

    Hi Bill! Looking forward to hearing your piano songs!

  • @cts 2 days

    Greetings good fellow! Here’s to a great FAWM!

  • @rayboneor  2 days

    Instrumentals? That would be interesting, but lyrics are a big part of the Bill White experience. Whatever you do, I will be listening

  • @fuzzy  5 days

    Hey, I hope you have a great FAWM!!