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  Jan 4

Artist Bio

I play guitar a lot, I used to play piano a lot. Now I want to write songs a lot.


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  • @skipscada  4 weeks

    Hey, thanks for the details about the HOF2. I didn't realise there was a version 2 with shimmer and expression, both of which I'd love to have on my version 1. Might have to upgrade...

  • @lenigmusx1 4 weeks

    You should have a Dropbox link... you can just upload to that folder!

  • @lenigmusx1 4 weeks


    I’ll create a Dropbox folder and share the link with you. Then you can upload the stereo mp3 and we can work from there. I just need an email.

  • @lenigmusx1 4 weeks

    Thanks for checking out "Impeccable" it's been a tough FAWM for me but I still have dreams of finishing. Thank you for the kind words regarding my vocals they are rough but I'll clean them up later.

  • @raygungirls 6 weeks

    Thanks for checking out my "Untitled #4"... And listening to it with your daughter!
    If she likes that, she should listen to my Titanosaur album

  • @mkd  6 weeks

    Thanks for your comment on When I’m Gone - that particular harp is one of the smallest ones I play, but I love that it still sounds good!

  • @mkd  7 weeks

    Welcome to FAWM, have a great one! This is the perfect place to get motivated to write, I think you’ll enjoy it!

  • @nuj4x 8 weeks