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Sandwell, UK   Jan 2010  

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Hi, I'm Bikki, I'm a 25-year-old Brit girl who adores tea and cats. I'm a writer .... in other words, I'm unemployable. Musically, I write lyrics and sing. I don't tie myself to a particular genre, unless it's madcore. (This is another word for mix genre.) 2011 is my second shot at FAWM, and I'm looking forward to a good 28 days of aural pleasures!

This year, my main ambition is to make some songs with backing music. Last year, all my songs were a cappella (with the exception of the use of a spoon in a cup of tea and a musical tie belonging to my older brother @morti), and though it could have been worse, it did underline the importance of backing music for soloists.

Stay madcore,
-b.k. x

Discography ....
1. "14 Pawprints And A Contortionist Tail" - 2010 (main album)
2. "Bikki : The Album" - 2010 (one-day feast)

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