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Influences:   Dave Carter, Richard Shindell, Antje Duvekot, Peter Mulvey

(She/her) This is my ninth FAWM. . . . ahhh, and did I mention that I'm teaching an overload this semester? And spending nine days in Vietnam this February?

Three years ago, I actually ending up releasing an album -- my 4th -- of Resistance songs I wrote during FAWM
( My 3rd for-real album, I Was Here, came out in fall 2016 and had 8 songs on it that were written during FAWMs.

For me it's about the songwriting and not about the production, so all my song posts are one-take iPhone recordings. Isn't it a miracle that we carry little recording studios in our pockets in this day and age?

I write folk-ish songs. Sing Out! Magazine described my songs as “smart and uplifting . . . focusing on the quiet meaning to be found in ordinary life,” which I think describes my music just fine. I have four CDs. I'm happy for any kind of feedback -- I actually love criticism when the song is new enough that I'm not attached to it.

February: bring it!

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