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V9S 1Y5 CA   Jan 2014

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Influences:   As much as I can

Who needs a pen when you have a microphone. I've been treating playing music as my journal. Not sure if its the lyrics or the music that speaks, and not really knowing what I'm going say, nor ready to hear myself sing them. By time mixing is complete, I sometimes understand.


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  • @estheraleida 3 weeks

    Thanks I lot for your comment! I really like your creations to listen to. Really creative and authentic 😀

  • @tangle  3 weeks

    I really like your approach to spontaneous lyrics and your guitar tone and rhythms are soooo good.

  • @alg123  5 weeks

    Hey @beautyspot thanks for visiting and commenting! I got the track uploaded finally. I shall have a listen to you now!