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Vienna AT   Jan 2015

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Influences:   my ears

hi all, my goal this year is getting some sounds from the recently acquired virtual modular rack system VCV. Some generative stuff coming this way soon.
...ok, I‘m still not savvy enough (o‘cos) to come along with some listenable results in me VCV attempts, yet. I got some ideas though for new tracks and will therefore use my trusted DAW to come across, oh hey I’m not giving in though!
Hope y’all enjoy the month
Feb. 26.
my work is done for this years FAWM and therefor my first and deepest thanks go to the people who provide the services for all of us to be able to get together from around /or on surface of/ the world and enjoy a brilliant month of cheese cake.
And now
I’m off for me second most favorite pleasure on this here planet:


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  • @looprication  Mar 10

    Thanks so much for all the listens and for the comments. Your last post on my wall was really touching and one of the best comments I got this year!

  • @acousticmaddie  Mar 4

    Thank you for your kind comments

  • @dragondreams  Mar 1

    Thank you SO much for all the time you've spent inflicting my music on yourself. I really appreciate it. 😀

  • @clioem Feb 28

    Mid March would be great!

  • @feb21sundari Feb 28

    Ah, der Maler Bosch, verstehe. Ja ich freu mich über deine deutschen Kommentare... da kann ich auch die Untertöne erfassen 😉

  • @sunnymae  Feb 28

    Dear Beat,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to my music. It is much appreciated and I value your feedback very much. Now the listening continues. I have much to catch up on. Cheers for now. 🤗

  • @feb21sundari Feb 27

    Hey, danke für deinen Kommentar zu das Tofutier und den Texten 😉 . Ich bin auch der Meinung das mein Sound noch ausbaufähig ist. Es ist sehr einfach ins Studio zu gehen und den Toning. alles machen zu lassen. Jetzt hab ich wenigstens Erfahrungen gesammelt. Wird besser ...

  • @candle  Feb 27

    Wow, thank you for all the listens & your great comments. I'm so far behind on listening & commenting myself, you put me to shame 😉

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @grenzgaengerin Feb 26

    Thank you very much for your kind comment on "Look at the stars" <3

  • @jaegerin  Feb 26

    Hey, I'm really enjoying all your comments! Thank you 😀

  • @jaegerin  Feb 26

    Thanks for coming back to listen - I'm glad you got to hear the tune (and liked it)!

  • @ampersandman  Feb 26

    Hey, wow. War gestern nicht mehr auf FAWM unterwegs, und jetzt seh ich deine ganzen Kommentare. Vielen vielen Dank dafür!
    Und deine Mail hab ich auch bekommen. Du meinst sicher "Sometimes" mit dem Songtext ... Ich hab gerade mal raufgeschaut, das ist sehr reizvoll, da der Text viel Raum lässt und sich nicht an ein starres Versschema hält. Lädt ein, noch ein bisschen was Versponnenes nach System Of A Down-Manier zu machen.
    Für den Februar hab ich mir noch andere Songs vorgenommen, aber das Gute ist, dass man Songs nachträglich noch editieren kann, das heißt, dass ich vielleicht noch einen März-Song reinschmuggeln kann. Voraussichtlich kommt ja mein Gitarrenbass, den ich für den Februar haben wollte, exakt am 1. März an. Das wäre doch ein Anlass für einen Zusatzsong ... Grüße!

  • @guatecoop  Feb 25

    Hey thanks for the comments! Yeah, I kind of thought of The Greater Message as a 70s rock song, but then it turned out a bit different somehow. My wife sang on that song later and it’s called Safe REALLY doesn’t sound like America with her singing, but is better with her vocals. Thanks again!

  • @phlecksy Feb 24

    By the way, to answer your question about my, er, thing "Illusion (pure reckoning)", - thanks for asking: no hardware - this year I've done everything on my iPad, it's the only way I can get stuff out quick enough, plus tbh it plays a lot better than me 😀

  • @phlecksy Feb 24

    @beat thanks so much for taking the time, I really appreciate it! If there's a FAWM good citizen award you must be a favourite to win it.
    Those bass lines are a collaboration (about 1:99) between me and iBassist, who also does a lot of the ensemble arranging - very talented app! Now if only I could find the time to write tunes, that'd be great...

  • @kissinginpublic  Feb 24

    But... What is Mars made of? They've sent a robot to find out but will it be able to tell us how it tastes?

  • @sph  Feb 24

    Stimme dir voll zu. Vielen der Absurditäten sollte man/frau mit einem befreienden Lachen begegnen. Und das T.D. Album mag ich wirklich sehr

  • @js6 Feb 18

    Thanks for the comments.

  • @unpronounceable Feb 18

    OMG comment party. Thank you so much for listening, and listening so deeply! Really appreciate the love.

  • @kissinginpublic  Feb 15

    Joss Stone won, and no one guessed her. Her disguise (a giant sausage) was obviously a good one!

  • @thesoundof Feb 15

    Danke vielmals! Schön zu hören, dass das Lied gefällt.

  • @kissinginpublic  Feb 15

    Thank you for all the kind comments and hearing about your cooking! It made me smile!

  • @spazsquatch Feb 13

    Hey, thanks for all the comments a couple of days ago. Love that you heard all the tracks in sequence. Cheers!

  • @krayzie003  Feb 10

    Yes, they are pretty lax here in Florida. We've been gigging since fall. The website I have linked here is just my solo site. My band is booked up almost every weekend.

    Your message reminded me I actually have a midi controller of just knobs and sliders specifically for VCV Rack. I'll have to find that and figure out the mapping again.

    I'll keep checking back to see what you got new. Stay warm. I know it can get pretty cold in Vienna. That's where I first saw snow lol. Beautiful city. I hope to make it back one day.

  • @andpow81  Feb 9

    Re: #statcore I don't really know.... I think #statcore is whatever you make of it, as long as there's stats/probability in there somewhere 😀

  • @engebretsen  Feb 9

    thx a lot for comment on "I`m So Perfect."

  • @candle  Feb 9

    As someone who wanders through the galaxy in search of the Force, you might be interested in a great VSTi called Laserblade by my favourite VST developer, the late, great H.G. Fortune. A description of the basic version is found here: ; but if you'd like the pro version (which was released for free before his death), you can DL from It's part of a large pack of some of his best synths, but you can select just the Laserblade by clicking on the "Zip Files" on the right hand side. I've used the Laserblade Pro in a few songs & really like its unique sounds.

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @yam655  Feb 8

    Thanks for all the comments! I hope the month is treating you well!

  • @reklov  Feb 8

    Hi Beat! Ein etwas verspäteter Dank für deinen Kommentar zu "For Juan"!

  • @sph  Feb 8

    Danke für die Kommentare bei "New day". Linke und rechte Gitarre spielen die gleichen Akkorde, links gezupft, rechts strummed. Ach, wenn du mal nen Bass brauchst: at your service...

  • @chroes  Feb 8

    Vielen lieben Dank fürs Hören! ☺️

  • @sph  Feb 8

    Den Sound echter (Filz-)hüte hättest du wahrscheinlich gescheit verstärken müssen 😉

  • @chroes  Feb 8

    Hi Beat, danke für deinen lieben Kommentar auf meinem Soundboard! Und deine Zeit, dir die Dinge, die ich mache, anzuschauen. 😄

  • @ampersandman  Feb 8

    Vielen lieben Dank fürs ausführliche Reinhören! 😀

  • @js6 Feb 8

    Thanks for the comment. Please keep in mind that I take no responsibility if you get hurt while jumping around in your living room.

  • @modmiranda  Feb 8

    Thanks for “watching”! (I think the plot will ramp up a bit, too). 😉

  • @sailingmagpie  Feb 7

    In answer to your question about the vocal effect on one of my tracks, it's all from the Roland VT-4. Its got quite a few effects that you can control in real time. It's a fun way to come up with unusual ideas.

    Here's a quick demo video of what it can do:

  • @nahlej381  Feb 7

    I appreciate you checking my song out and saying nice things about it as well!

  • @vaticanvamps14  Feb 7

    Hey thank you for your comment on LoveSwong
    I'm excited to dive in and see what you come up with on your VCV. I love all things synth. Happy FAWMing

  • @jonmeta  Feb 7

    Daffodil is also called Narcissus in English. Just Googled it. And they are indeed starting to emerge. First the snow-drops, then the daffodils, then... Spring! That's how it always was in England, anyway.

  • @jonmeta  Feb 6

    Yeah, exactly: late 70s 10cc with some 90s Madchester drumming thrown in. Not 60s. When 10cc did 60s pop styles they were making a kind of joke about it. Anyway... I woke up with a country style tune in my head, and suddenly thought: I wonder if this fits Beat’s love song lyrics? And it did! I played it for my wife (the chorus is all I’ve got so far) and she liked it except for one line where she said: “You can do better”. So I did, and then she liked it all. I’m working on the verse, and might try to move a few words around to make it scan better. I hope that’s OK. When we have a demo I’ll send it so you can hear it first in case you want to change things. I don’t want to do the wrong thing to your beautiful thoughts.

  • @looprication  Feb 3

    It took me about 18 months of noodling with my modular before I could do anything remotely musical. Hang in there 😀

  • @engebretsen  Feb 3

    Thx a lot for comments on "Fallen Angel" Looking forward to you`re stuff too.

  • @torniojaws Feb 3

    Thanks, working on one more piece now. Hopefully I'll have time for proper writing this weekend 😀

  • @clioem Feb 2

    Hi Beat! I moved back to Vienna in 2018 and I sing at Theater an der Wien now!!! Love this city! So glad to catch up again on here! Have a great FAWM 😁

  • @frozenlonesome  Feb 2

    Cheers again!

  • @oddbod  Feb 2

    Thanks for your comment. Have a good one.

  • @frozenlonesome  Feb 2

    A fan from my first FAWM. It may not show, but I’m blushing.

  • @candle  Feb 1

    Glad I could finally get it working. Thank you so much for the listen & the comment. I really appreciate it!

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @frozenlonesome  Feb 1

    Thanks for your kind thoughts on Out Of This World. Consistency is tough. For FAWM, I have always used vocal samples to add to my tracks. The rest of the year I almost exclusively produce instrumentals. I’m glad you stopped by and enjoyed what you heard.

  • @bammann Feb 1

    Ja, lets go

  • @candle  Feb 1

    I fixed the problem if you would like to try listening again. Thanks for stopping by!

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @dragondreams  Feb 1

    Please apologise to your dog for me! 😉
    Thank you loads for the listen and the great comment. 😀

  • @kissinginpublic  Feb 1

    Thanks for the comment! Likewise, looking forward to hearing your tunes.

  • @acousticmaddie  Feb 1

    Thank you for your kind comments. I did picture it dark . But to write dark music is a way for me to handle these crzy times that earth serve us. Have a great FAWM.

  • @arthurrossi Jan 31

    Hey! Ich hoffe, es geht Dir gut. Ja, wir müssen uns unbedingt mal auf ein Bier treffen nach dem ganzen Lockdown-Chaos! ...würde mich sehr darüber freuen!

  • @metalfoot  Jan 29

    It is Monday soon! I can hardly wait. I hope you have a great FAWM!

  • @jonmeta  Jan 29

    Hi, partner in crime! It's good to see you back here. I hope we can break some more musical rules this year and create something great, if you're up for it. I hope you're keeping well. Talk to you soon!

  • @sunnymae  Jan 28

    Hey Beat
    Thanks for the WAVES plugin sale tip. Just made my purchase. Have a great FAWM!

  • @torsten  Jan 27

    Servas Beat, may your FAWM be full of inspiration. May I ask what software / library u used for "Sangre De Mi Alma"? It sounds quite interesting.

  • @modmiranda  Jan 24

    Thank you! I’m looking forward to all the creative energy of this wonderful community.

  • @feb21sundari Jan 23

    danke für die Antworten 😉 Heute habe ich herausgefunden wie ich darauf reagieren kann... es wird hhh

  • @kissinginpublic  Jan 21

    Welcome back! Have a great FAWM!

  • @jaegerin  Jan 19

    And thanks for the good wishes! Here's to a great FAWM 2021!

  • @jaegerin  Jan 19

    Hi Beat, I just saw your message! You mean "Computer Says No" from 2016? That was cool! I'm afraid I don't have a copy though... I just looked back through my archives and I only had a Soundcloud link, which no longer works. Sorry about that... do let me know if you find it.

  • @candle  Jan 18

    Thanks for the listens! Should be a great FAWM this year.

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @vomvorton  Jan 16

    Ooh. I had a look at VCV a while back and thought it looked really cool! But I'm not sure I have the patience. Good luck getting some interesting sounds out of it!

  • @timfatchen  Jan 16

    You emjoy FAWM too! Hope it's a bit less disjointed than mine is going to be!

  • @dasbinky  Jan 16

    Thanks for the kind words, good sir! 😀

  • @toms  Jan 16

    There is a medium length version of the long bio, but that felt redundant. 😁

  • @dragondreams  Jan 16

    Thanks for your lovely, and kind, words about my Cloud Dancer album! And I think the blurb says "darker" rather than "dark". When I was sorting out the tracks into two piles, I felt that Be It Ever So was more bouncy and lighter. 😉
    Have a great FAWM! And I'm looking forward to what you get up to. 😀

  • @guatecoop  Jan 16

    Hey thanks! I hope that your fawm is really good and satisfying. I think that we all need it. Best wishes to you!

  • @sph  Jan 16

    Liebe Grüße nach Wien! Habe mir gerade deine Stücke mit den Zufallsexperimenten angehört. Spannend

  • @sailingmagpie  Jan 14

    Thanks so much for listening to me album. Hope you have a great FAWM!

  • @ampersandman  Jan 14

    Danke schön! Freu mich drauf. Auf kreatives Fawmen! Grüße nach Wien

  • @toms  Jan 8

    Thank you!!! 😀