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Ho Chi Minh VN   Jan 30

Artist Bio

🎧Amateur electronic dance music producer🎹
Seattle, WA, United States✈️ ➡️ Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
⏰ Making a beat in ONE HOUR every day for the month of February!📆

Songs (29)

#1 Yuxxie Bass 8
Feb 1
#2 Thoughts of Yesterday 5
Feb 2
#3 What I Want 3
Feb 3
#4 Start Your Adventure 3
Feb 4
#5 Levitate ONE 1
Feb 6
#6 Levitate TWO 1
Feb 6
#7 A Festival Trap 3
Feb 7
#8 SOPHIE Stuff 2
Feb 8
#9 Chill Rhodes Ahead 4
Feb 9
#10 Lil Teapot 3
Feb 10
#11 What Dreams Are Made Of 6
Feb 11
#12 God Ceremony 8
Feb 12
#13 Kill The Party 1
Feb 13
#14 Feelin This House 2
Feb 14
#15 Doo Ah Ee Ay 3
Feb 15
#16 It's Such a Beautiful Day 3
Feb 16
#17 Driving Home In The Rain 2
Feb 17
#18 One Last Time 3
Feb 18
#19 Have Fun Instead 1
Feb 19
#20 Jam 1
Feb 20
#21 Neuro Drum N Bass 2
Feb 21
#22 Tonight We Dream 4
Feb 22
#23 UnDeveloped 1
Feb 23
#24 Happy Times With My Computer 3
Feb 24
#25 Lethargy 2
Feb 25
#26 Kick It Hardcore 3
Feb 26
#27 Holdin' My Breath 1
Feb 27
#28 Ice Cream Bass Drum 2
Feb 28
#29 The Last Song Remix 1
Feb 29


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  • @forrandom  Mar 6

    Thanks so much for the comment on my last song! I'm enjoying listening through a few of your songs!

  • @metalfoot  Feb 25

    One take guitar-and-vocal songs are easy for me. I can do a lot of those if I have half an hour here or there! 😀 (That's the secret to my huge numbers. Write quickly and treat FAWM as rough drafts!)

  • @medievil Feb 25

    Thank you for your kind comments and feedback. Very appreciated. The foleys in my track are mostly from stuff I made with sounds by Venus Theory. He has a nice YouTube Channel, explains a lot, fine tutorials and a website. Some of his packs are even free. Cool guy.

  • @larryw Feb 24

    Hi thanks for taking the time to listen to my track Instinct, I think the creaking was my knees 😉

    I literally just picked up the guitar tuned to one of my odd tunings, and this came out - actually as I was de-tuning the 1st string it broke, I didn't want to restring the guitar, so only had 5 strings on it!! As to lyrics, I was thinking I might leave this as an instrumental for sync!

  • @brad7a0 Feb 21

    @balk thank you for your comments on my song "Tonight, I Dream". It'd be great if you wanted to use any of it in another song. I've already set up soundcloud to allow downloads, and if you'd like a cleaner version with less effects, let me know and I can make it for you.

  • @beautyspot Feb 17

    Yes indeed, you may download these and create with them. I would love to hear what you do with it. Thanks for your comments. I quite like your one hour beat making challenges.

  • @oceanjasper Feb 15

    @balk Yeah, I did play the clarinet myself on "Calm before the storm" ^^

  • @chucknamaste Feb 13

    Thanks for the kind words! I’m kind of new to the lo-fi/chill hop, but it’s been a lot of fun making those. I also listened to several of your tracks, and they’re sounding top notch especially for only working on each for an hour! You’re mixing and mastering sounds great

  • @fera Feb 11

    Thanks for the comments on Riverside! I spent about 6 hours on it, I guess, maybe a little less. But that doesn't account for the ideas emerging from the previous 4 tracks.

  • @balk Feb 11

    @kaidelong Oh, nice! Thanks! I'm going to have to grab that.

  • @kaidelong Feb 9

    As for the laser noise, I had to check on that. I do make some sounds myself, but It was a preset (FX Glitch 2), from Ableton's Glitch and Wash pack, if you want to go grab it for yourself.

  • @chriddof Feb 9

    Thanks again for the comment!

  • @ozcompr  Feb 9

    Thanks for the feedback on The Saint. Trying to step it up now.

  • @misterd Feb 7

    Thanks so much man for the kind words -& for listening and commenting on my blues song ‘Sweet joys and sorrow ‘ . Thanks

  • @balk Feb 6

    @pipewrench67 hey, thanks for the catch! I corrected the url. Should be working now 😀

  • @pipewrench67  Feb 6

    On levitate 2 there is an error message ; You have not provided a valid SoundCloud URL. Learn more about using SoundCloud players.

  • @balk Feb 4

    @chriddof and I respect it! Keep your stuff coming! I like the diversity it brings to FAWM boards, and I'm down to get weird 😀

  • @chriddof Feb 4

    Thanks for the comment, balk. As you mentioned, I do believe in getting to the point...!