Balance Lost 14


Kyoto JP   Feb 2007  

Artist Bio

Influences:   Super Furry Animals, RZA, Baths, Talk Talk, Paul Simon, Blur, Water From Your Eyes, Com Truise, Four Tet, The Stone Roses, FM-84, Chamot-core

I plan to do precisely exactly the same as previous years. I have however been listening to a bit of bossa nova lately so I wonder if that will creep in, probably not.

Please stop by my bandcamp page and spend your actual cash on my actual albums. That way I can buy important things like chocolate and beer.

Check out my old Medway friends, they are always good value
Hopefully @yukinsain806 will also make some tunes this year.


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  • @pumpkinhead Mar 3

    Thanks I millon for your nice words @balancelost
    Peace <3

  • @iwilleatyou Mar 2

    Thanks for the listen!

  • @zecoop  Mar 2

    I certainly is different than DAW recording and gives you some limitations, but I like to throw those limitations in there occasionally. The sound is so distinctive. I still do a ton of DAW recording too.

  • @zecoop  Mar 2

    I agree! Ashley completely nailed it with Vultures - lyrics, vocals - it all floored me when I put it together. I do recommend finding a Tascam, if you can find one for a decent price (that's the hard part now that indie bands LOVE them). I have had my 4 track since the 90's and lucked out with the 8 track 3 years ago. Getting nice sound requires type II tapes, high speed recording and Dolby NR. You can get fun songs without those, but there will definitely be lots of hiss, haha. 😀

  • @vomvorton  Mar 1

    Dave's happily married you MONSTER. But wholly forgiven for "boner-poppingly good", my favourite compliment of the month.

  • @vomvorton  Feb 27

    Somehow you have the mysterious ability to post new songs right when I'm looking for a distraction from the lyric I'm supposed to be writing. It must be a magical timezone thing.

  • @owl  Feb 12

    I would be delighted to do a collab! I have several in the works (not very fast with them) so I may not get to it super immediately but let me know what you’re thinking!

  • @frenchcricket Feb 12

    Thanks! Pure is a brilliant pop song and anyone who doesn't accept that is a fool

  • @owl  Feb 12

    Thanks for all the comments, even the one about sandy vaginas! Sadly it’s just a trumpet VST (Spitfire), I can’t play any real brass. Also thanks for recruiting me as a guest for that one Nur Ein, if you hadn’t I never would have gotten into Songfight, and if I’d never gotten into Songfight I probably never would have found myself writing and recording a noisy metal (metal-adjacent, anyway) song in one day?! (Though I still don’t think it’s any better than the sweet little frilly violet songs which I think was my original point! after listening to a whole fight that’s almost all metal songs I’m almost sure of it, actually!)

  • @vomvorton  Feb 11

  • @santadharma  Feb 11

    Mori is such an idiot. We heard even his female family members want him to resign 😂

  • @adforperu  Feb 8

    You did tell us the story really, but that would've made the fart comment less funny 😝

  • @vomvorton  Feb 5

    Love a bit of cutting floor waltzery. There's still time for the Tascam to shine!

  • @karlsburg25  Feb 5

    Oh yeah that video is awesome. Reminds me of some of my old band videos. The bass really pumps through. And the energy is tops. Superb stuff

  • @seemanski  Jan 28

    Yeah, I don't tend to go with what's new, I let amazon music tell me what to listen to and sometimes it sticks. That's how I got into synthwave, I went from My Friends Electric to Gunship and followed the white rabbit from there. Just so happens I followed Com and it popped as a new album and I quite liked it.

  • @thelowestbitter  Jan 27

    BLOSTY! Hope you have a good one, looking forward to an entire album’s worth of Bossa Nova jams, anything else and I will be VERY DISAPPOINTED.
    Or more of the same would be good as well

  • @seemanski  Jan 27

    Hey there, loved your stuff on NurEin. Looking forward to hearing some tracks from you. Noticed you put Com Truise as an influence, I love his new album.

  • @tomski Jan 26

    Will there be any retro footballers appearing this year? Erik Thorstvedt? Carlos Valderrama? Alexi Lalas?

  • @tomski Jan 26

    Yes! Can't wait to hear what musical delights you serve us up this year bro 😀

  • @splittybooms  Jan 26

    Good to see you here. Happy FAWMing!

  • @vomvorton  Jan 23

    Oh god you wouldn't BELIEVE how comfortable it is.

    I like your new profile pic!

  • @sailingmagpie  Jan 21

    I feel like if Bill Murray was going to like any 80s indie band, it would be Blue Nile!

  • @terroratspacecamp  Jan 21

    What's goin' on, my fellow SFer!

  • @sailingmagpie  Jan 16

    Once more unto the breach?

  • @adforperu  Jan 10

    Sumimasen, it's time

  • @judypie  Jan 10