Balance Lost 12

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Influences:   Super Furry Animals, RZA, Baths, Talk Talk, Paul Simon, Blur, Water From Your Eyes, Com Truise, Four Tet

Hi, I'm Pete.
To old friends, it's good to see you again. To new friends, welcome and good luck!

Been FAWMing since 2008. I like to make leftfield indie-rock, old skool hiphop, ambient electronica and synthwave. I recently moved to Japan so my methods, and hence results, may have to change out of respect for the neighbours but hopefully something cool will result from FAWM 2019.

Last year I finally completed my long-held goal to release a hiphop album. You can hear that here
This year I plan to make a serious dent in my next "big project" which is an instrumental electronic album based on 90s footballers. I already have Romario and Matt Le Tissier. I think Roberto Baggio and Lothar Matthaus may be my next victims.

Please check out my old Medway friends , they are always good value.
and of course, 'er indoors, the adorable

The bad news is that due to timezone related difficulties I believe @girlsinuniform and I won't be doing our podcast Temporary Bad Boys this year. Sorry about that, but the title did kind of warn you. I suppose it might be possible with some creative editing but the question is can I really be arsed? Of course the podcast would provide us with the perfect opportunity to showcase our song-war based on the retirement of Daniel Day-Lewis, hmmm...


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  • @jamesstaubes  9 hours

    You are right on about the Lonely Island comparison. Now I want to do a video! I may put together a scrappy video and have some fun with it. Thanks for all your comments. Surprised we've never met on FAWM before. I dig your music.

    For snares I usually combine at least 2, especially on a modern dance/pop thing. I'll have one that covers the high end and another that does mids. I EQ out the parts I don't want and boost the frequencies I do. I do the same with kicks.

  • @cynthiawolff  10 hours

    Wow thanks so much for your visit and amazing insightful comments...
    I already have a song called Destination Greatness so another song called Destination Doom will be a little weird...
    Ah the comparison to The Chordettes was pretty cool considering they are from my hometown, Sheboygan, Wisconsin...
    I love your work are super talented and so creative.

  • @kenjku 23 hours

    Sooooo... I got this thing I’m working on with electric, drums and I’m gonna probably put some vocals to it. However the timing is a little sketchy in some parts because I did the guitar first then drums. I may record it over. Ugh too little time though right? Would you wanna add some guitar parts, bass or whatever to it? Where can I send it to when I’m done?

  • @clioem 1 day

    Merci merci! And hey - working things out is my weird specialty 😝

  • @mikkojuhani 1 day

    Thank you very much for the comments!

  • @sbs2018 1 day

    Thanks for giving “Mine Tonight” a listen. I so appreciate your thoughts!

  • @cherok40 1 day

    Thank you for listening and your kind comments!

  • @circle 1 day

    Hi, thanks so much for listening to and commenting on all of my songs! I really appreciate it. I've been out of FAWM completely for about a week (for various reasons) but I'm coming back now and will definitely give your stuff a thorough listen. Thanks again

  • @sailingmagpie  3 days

    I feel exactly the same about Parklife! It was the second album I ever owned on CD(after OCS, natch, little Johnny Modface that I was). I totally get not realising their influences at the time though. I don't know if it's just that I'm more well versed on music now. Their definitely one of those bands that's able write in different styles but still sound quintessentially like themselves. I think SFA are a bit like that too.

  • @audrey  3 days

    Thank you so much for the kind words on my song Bullied. It means a lot to me that it moved you so.

  • @alphanerg 4 days

    Thank you for the comment on "No Human Lifesigns". I have no idea how you guessed that was going to be sunshine in the tags because the samples are not from anything, i just made them myself for the song, and they are not lines from the movie as far as i know.

  • @namjunerobot  4 days

    Thanks for checking the song out. Glad I could help with your vocabulary lol (it's part of my profession so, gotta use these words somewhere).

  • @thelowestbitter  5 days

    The Noel-Edmonds-Writing-His-Wishes-Onto-Scraps-Of-Paper approach working like a charm. Easy win! #COYS

  • @thelowestbitter  5 days

    I mean optimism is pushing it, I take a Noel-Edmonds-Writing-His-Wishes-Onto-Scraps-Of-Paper sort of approach to Spurs, where I hope that if I say something with enough completely unwarranted confidence it will be willed into being.

    5am KO is a bit of a nightmare, seems a little early to be stress drinking pints which is my standard Spurs viewing experience, but I’d be tempted to do it anyway!

  • @pumpkinhead  5 days

    Thanks so much for your comment and comparing me to the tallest man on earth. I saw him once in Copenhaguen and he is reeeeeaaaly tall, I've gotta say.

  • @kenjku 6 days

    Hmmmm guitar duels sound interesting like you write a riff / write a riff? I also going to finally hook up my drums this I could add some drums to stuff. OR we could just let it fly and see whatever happens happens 😜

    Also that’s awesome your living in Japan now! What part of JP you living in? The Tokyo side? Been there a couple of times. Such an amazing place. Wish I could live there for a little bit or longer possibly.

  • @leepat  6 days

    Hey man, thanks for the love! I believe the sentiment went the other way round - as in, we f@cked, but r'n'r's our only hope - but yeah, who's to say...

  • @radioovermoscow 6 days

    Thanks! It's the vocals that are rushed and basic. The rest is pretty close to how it should sound, yeah.

  • @kenjku 1 week

    Dude thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. I onthe fence with all the extra low and high synth parts but thought it filled in the gaps a bit. I was thinking you down maybe for a collab this FAWM?

  • @mattblick  1 week

    Can you get into the songpage to edit?

  • @jwhanberry  1 week

  • @judypie  1 week

    HAHAHHAHA ok your comment on Its Not Hard is my favourite comment this Fawm 😁 Thank you!

  • @quintonbarnes  1 week

    Detroit - thankfully no haha! I don't think I've ever been, although I've been adjacent (Windsor)

  • @mattblick  1 week

    file you sent is no good does the collab page work as a possible? Can you see it? edit it?

  • @aesthetic72 1 week

    Thanks for your comments 😀

  • @hummingbear 1 week

    Oh, and if "balancelost" is indicative of your bike riding skills, might I suggest some additional insurance for you and some extra life insurance on you for the Missus? I have some brochures right here...

  • @hummingbear 1 week

    Thanks for your wonderful comment on Bike Ride. If this is to be your official song, could I get a black leather biker jacket with the BooBoo Thunder logo on it? Pleeeeease?

  • @mattblick  1 week

    EDIT EDIT - I see you've replied Wordpad is fine. What's that?

    I have a mac and open office if that helps - is Wordpad an online thing?

  • @mattblick  1 week

    Write that misleading song. It should be P for pneumonia as in the Brian Regan sketch I linked to and other misleading words....

    EDIT - sod it! - you wanna collab on this? Let's set up a word doc and brainstorm words - maybe several for each letter and do it as a teaching kids the alphabet song - everything with the wrong sounds and the more inappropriate the word - the better!

    I'll start us off with psoriasis psychotic genre gif (jif) mnemonic

    could you a) set up a word doc
    or b) tell me to F off and mind my own beeswax

    EDIT again - reread your full message - if you want to do it and nick my tune you're also welcome - Knight cool

  • @quintonbarnes  1 week

    Hey - thanks for enjoying my tunes, always enjoy your feedback and I'm honoured you take the time to listen! Kudos for noticing my usage of "colour" - I'm Canadian and I am always ever so slightly miffed when people think I've misspelt haha 😁

  • @lanasolyluna 1 week

    Ha ha ha yes! The Tanpura machine has been a lovely and faithful addition to Santa Dharma, along with the tabla machine, which has a wonky midi, but will hopefully join us on another song. Thanks for listening. Going to catch up on my listening on this rainy day in Tokyo.

  • @kenjku 1 week

    Hey Pete! Thanks man. Thanks for checking out my first tune. It’s totally ok to give me some feedback. 😀 At first it was going to be just a very simple with acoustic and vocals only, but last night I was playing around with adding some drums and thought it filled some spaces a bit. However.. listening to it again this morning...I didn’t care for it as much. I’ll probably just take them out so it’s less distracting. Ill be back later to check out your first few tunes!

  • @xfloorpunchx 1 week

    Merci so much for your kind comment! Gonna listen to your stuff asap!

  • @heliosonorous 1 week

    Thanks for the comment, I look forward to listening to some of your tracks soon!

  • @jackketch 2 weeks

    Hey, thanks for your nice comment on my song the Holy 29. I like the idea of the Taunton two but I live near Cambridge..might have to move so I can call myself that..

  • @tomski  2 weeks

    PG Lover, can’t wait to see what delights you create this year. We’ll have to try and sort out a long distance collab for sure! Also, will there be a song about Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock?

  • @quintonbarnes  2 weeks

    Hey 😁! Thanks so much for your comment on 'Once It All Hits' - that philosophy was exactly how I got out of my rut! Enjoying the good things in the moment and understanding that nothing was meant to last forever. It saved me from potentially going down a dark path and frankly I'm better off for timely that you saw that movie last night!

  • @susyblue  2 weeks

    Oh thank-you, that means a lot! (altho my sister gets angry at me when my songs get stuck in her head:) Looking forward to hearing your tunes (and accent I confess) with some new Jaypan influences!

  • @shortdan  2 weeks

    Well hello there! All good to go? Yes, of course. Excellent 🙂

  • @thelowestbitter  2 weeks

    Hey! Very much looking forward to hearing this new neighbour-respecting Balance Lost direction 😀

  • @fluidvolt 2 weeks

    hi! mhmm, i'm in this year!! looking forward to tunes from you! good luck~

  • @nuj4x 2 weeks

  • @expendablefriend  4 weeks

    Oi oi! Looking forward to hearing some new BL tunes. I have been enjoying your J-log, btw.

  • @frenchcricket  4 weeks

    Hi Pete!

  • @cowex  4 weeks

    You gotta get up to get down.

  • @sailingmagpie  4 weeks

    Of course. Looking forward to some j-pop from your good self. Re 90s football, I think you should include the 95 Ajax team. So many legends.

  • @tcelliott  4 weeks

    Podcast would be cool. It's good to see you around even if it doesn't.

  • @kissinginpublic  4 weeks

    Goemon! My mispent youth wasn't even spent in real arcades but playing in the arcade in Goemon 😁 Have a great Feb! Looking forward to your stuff this year.

  • @vomvorton  4 weeks

    Hey babes! Is it true that you only moved to Japan so that you could start FAWM 12 hours earlier? Looking forward to hearing what you come up with.
    Some footballers for your consideration:
    Roger Milla
    George Weah (with a nod to his fake cousin)
    Roberto Carlos (with musical representation of THAT free kick) a feature-length exploration of the Frank Rijkaard / Rudi Völler incident pls
    (and a John Barnes guest vocal if you can swing it)

  • @adforperu  5 weeks