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DE   Jan 2014

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Influences:   Genreflexible musical omnivore. I listened intensely for periods of time to ABBA, Mark Knopfler, Metallica, Mingus, Irving Berlin, the Gershwins, Miles Davis, Korn, The Beatles, and many more, in no particular order...

My fourth FAWM now after 2014, where I felt so n00bish at first that I chose my display name neither too clever nor future-proof...
All in the spirit of FAWM 😁

Anyways, this year I will be pretty busy, so I don't have big plans or expectations for FAWM this year.

I'm always in for collabs, though, providing guitar parts and stirring the pot of creative chaos should be manageable.

I'm always open for constructive criticism, especially when it comes to krautisms that pull your socks out.
Please let me know if I shot a buck. 😉

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