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Ohio US   Mar 2009


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Influences:   John Denver, Indigo Girls, Maggie Rogers, Sarah Bareilles, Tracy Chapman, Kate Bush, Laurie Anderson, Heart, Suzanne Vega, They Might Be Giants, whatever's currently on the radio, musicals


Hello, 2020. I've got some exciting projects this year. I wrote and mixed the original songs for the podcast Hit the Bricks (listen to the first episode at https://hitthebricks.com/episode1 or wherever you get your podcasts!) I'm also trying "for real this time" to get an album together and on streaming services by... Novemberish? Or at least an EP. At least an EP.


I'm a multi-instrumentalist from northeast Ohio. My main songwriting instrument is the ukulele (I got a concert, baritone, baritone, electric, and banjo-) but you might hear an accordion or trumpet in there from time to time.

Consider my FAWM songs under a Creative Commons 3.0 license unless otherwise specified. That means you can share them, remix them or use them in other creative projects, as long as you attribute them to me and do not use them for commercial purposes. (Also, let me know if you use them. I want the glory.) I would like that to stand for collaborations as well, unless we work something else out.

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