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84032 US   Jan 2016  

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Influences:   Patty Griffin, Indigo Girls, Gillian Welch, Susan Tedeschi, Chris Knight, Jason Isbell

I'm back! This is my third(?) FAWM. I'm a folk Americana singer songwriter. I'm in the beginning of my second year as a full time musician. I released my first singles in 2018 with a few more coming this year. My focus at the moment is just writing writing writing. I hope to accomplish the challenge, but mostly, I'm happy with any songs that come out. I'm really open to collaborations, feedback, networking, and anything that can help me learn and grow as a musician.


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  • @jacobeverettwallace  Feb 14

    Hey Alicia, always down to co-write! I'm fresh out of ideas for this FAWM so shoot me something if you have any ideas you think might suit a write.