arinushka 3


55114 US   Feb 23

Artist Bio

Musical director, pre-school music teacher (2008-2019)

Songs (3)

#1 To Sleep @hummingbear  9
Feb 4
#2 Bears’ Nutrition Guide @hummingbear  8
Feb 22
#3 Get Well Soon @hummingbear  5
Feb 28


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  • @andygetch  Feb 26

    Hello and welcome! 😀

  • @mikeskliar  Feb 26

    welcome to fawm!

  • @hummingbear  Feb 23

    You should be able to access it now. Here we go!

  • @hummingbear  Feb 23

    Got your message! And sorry, I reversed what's under the logo and your avatar picture. I bet you noticed that already!

    Under every song is a place to write a message, which will be seen by the songwriter. You can comment on any song. The rule of thumb for FAWM is to leave only positive comments. Song here are made in a hurry and can be polished and refined later.

  • @hummingbear  Feb 23

    Welcome to FAWM @arinushka. If you click on my name it will take you to my page. If you find a lyric you want to work with, I can add your name as a collaborator. When there is music, it can then be posted on the song page.

    There's a FAWM FAQ here

    Feel free to look around - it can take a little while to get oriented.

    On the upper left part of the page, if you click on the, it takes you to your page. If you click on your avatar on the upper right, you will see your messages in sequence. Two different views of your own page.

    It might seem confusing at first, but you'll get the hang of it.