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Nashville USA   Jan 2012

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Influences:   Aretha Franklin, The Beatles, Mozart, Bonnie Raitt, Ella Fitzgerald, Almost every genre. Music from every corner of the world. Roots music, the Chieftains.

2018 - 4th year!
My goal is to write and write and write. I don't care about production this month, just great songs, hooky melodies and fun and interesting lyrics. Ella Fitzgerald came to me in a dream on the eve of FAWM and said, "Let's write a song together." In my dream I was at a truck stop and the truck stop was an old farm house with a fast food joint in it and a bathroom that had a bedroom in it. It was a weird dream, but I woke up with a chord progression in my head. Time to get to work!

About me: Studied voice and vocal pedagogy (read opera and voice lessons) in college. Moved across the country to make music. Recorded 2 albums. Hated touring. Gave it all up for motherhood. As of 2015, it been 8 years since I wrote my last song. Instead I made three humans, which has been great, but I am trying to spray some oil in the rusty cogs of my songwriting brain and perhaps it will slowly creak back to life.

Hoping to collaborate! I play guitar and get by on piano and mandolin.

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