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Influences:   Kim Kashkashian, Yuri Bashmet, Max Richter, Arvo Part, Tim Hecker, Popol Vuh, Philip Glass, Loscil, Gridlock, Autechre, Brian Eno, Nine Inch Nails, Tangerine Dream, Joan Jeanrenaud, Nils Frahm, A Winged Victory for the Sullen, Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Aes Dana, Deepchord, Clint Mansell, Cliff Martinez

This year, I have a rented viola, which I've played a few times now (my first time playing viola, although violin is my first instrument). I'm going to use the viola in conjunction with my modular synth, software, granular processors, etc. I will likely do some combination of improvised pieces, along with more composed work. I'm not accustomed to writing things out before playing them, usually I just start improvising and find parts I like and build a track one layer at a time, so I want to experiment more with deliberate composition.

I'm guessing that this album will be most similar to my 2016 FAWM album, "Hinterland," an acoustic/ambient album on which my violin featured heavily. I hope to explore the depths the viola can provide.

"Hinterland" is available here (free):

Also new this year is my son, Arvo! He was born in November, so my FAWM time is inherently going to need to be more limited. I think I will still be able to get it done.

My past FAWM albums have each revolved around a different instrument (violin, guitar, piano, synthesizers), or theme (quasi-mystical sounds, a movie soundtrack, periodic table of elements, etc). I don't have a theme for 2019 yet, but hopefully one will reveal itself.

My typical styles range from ambient to IDM to Berlin School electronic (i.e.Tangerine Dream), sample mangling, modular synth weirdness, drones, etc.

I use a variety of hardware and software -- mostly analog synthesizers and sequencers (including Eurorack modular), but also a sampler, and a couple of guitar effects pedals. I also use some VST instruments and effects.

I've done FAWM 7 times (6 times successfully) and hope to do so again this year.

Songs (15)

#1 Dividing Surfaces 24
Feb 2
#2 Converging Parallels Part I 14
Feb 3
#3 Converging Parallels Part II 9
Feb 3
#4 Converging Parallels Part III 8
Feb 3
#5 Converging Parallels Part IV Feat. Kurt Zemlicka 10
Feb 3
#6 The Dissolving Frontier Between Viola And Not - Viola Part I 9
Feb 5
#7 The Dissolving Frontier Between Viola And Not - Viola Part II 5
Feb 5
#8 The Dissolving Frontier Between Viola And Not - Viola Part III 5
Feb 5
#9 The Dissolving Frontier Between Viola And Not - Viola Part IV 10
Feb 5
#10 An intrusion of unmediated knowledge Part I 9
Feb 21
#11 An intrusion of unmediated knowledge Part II 6
Feb 21
#12 An intrusion of unmediated knowledge Part III 5
Feb 21
#13 An intrusion of unmediated knowledge Part IV 5
Feb 21
#14 An intrusion of unmediated knowledge Part V 5
Feb 21
#15 Stretching away interminably @mkd  5
Mar 1


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  • @mkd  Feb 27

    Hi! I've been totally useless (aka totally busy and away from my harp) this last week or so, but have just shared some harp mucking arounds in F-/F+ for you to play with. Whilst I initially had your viola part in the background (which annoyingly can be heard, sorry - I was sure I had it in headphones!) I generally just muck around creating different harpy noises for you to cut and past and add effects to to your heart's content! Sorry it's so late in the month, but if time is short perhaps we could create a place-holder song post to put it in afterwards? Hope it's the sort of thing you were after.

  • @howthenightcame Feb 25

    You asked about how "beneath the sea" connects to The House of Asterion. At one point in the story, the Minotaur recalls leaving his maze to explore the nearby town. People recoiled at his features. Some prayed, some picked up stones, and one man "buried himself beneath the sea." What an amazing line!!

  • @howthenightcame Feb 25

    Thank you so much for the advice on sidechaining. I've been recording music for about a year now, and I'm slowly realising that it's a never-ending learning process. I'm planning to remaster all these tracks and post the album to Bandcamp for free download. I'll definitely make my first attempts at side chaining part of the process!!

  • @candle  Feb 24

    Congrats on your win!

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @howthenightcame Feb 24

    Hello again!! Thank you for listening and commenting on my songs. You wrote:

    "One thing that would be kinda neat here would be sidechaining the pads and/or strings with the kick so when the kick hits the pads duck down and then swell back up again. But that's definitely a bit much detail for fawm, certainly."

    No no no!! That's exactly the kind of thing I need to hear and learn. This is the first real, helpful comment I've received.

    I'm using Ableton 9. I've heard of sidechaining but could do with a pointer (or two) because I've never tried it. I put a compressor on the drum track and...?!!?

  • @fuzzy  Feb 23

    Hey, I'm gonna be out of touch for the rest of FAWM, so I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your amazing music this February.
    I have really enjoyed listening to your tracks!

  • @standup  Feb 23

    I think you asked about Micromonsta. For a couple of years Blofeld has been my hardware poly synth (for some reason the soft synths I own sound rather generic to me).

    I like Micromonsta more than Blofeld, I think it has better sounds. It’s also smaller, which I also like. And when I get around to putting Blofeld on Craigslist, it should cover what I paid for Micromonsta.

  • @howthenightcame Feb 23

    I emailed you some photos 😀

  • @candle  Feb 23

    Thank you so much for your comments on my Oligarchy songs as well as my collab with @caterwauler . All three songs were a lot of fun to work on & working with @caterwauler was a privilege & an honour. She did an amazing job with my simple piano line and guitar chords.

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @standup  Feb 23

    Hey, thanks for commenting on basically everything I've done! I have fallen behind on your stuff -- you posted a lot. But I generally like everything you've done, so time to catch up.

  • @howthenightcame Feb 22

    yes, I have a couple of photos. where shall I send them?

  • @howthenightcame Feb 22

    the music is mesmerising, and I also appreciate the poignant and deeply suggestive track titles. do you have an interest in philosophy and / or classic literature?

  • @howthenightcame Feb 22

    Listening to "an intrusion of unmediated knowledge" right now on soundcloud as I walk around the backstreets of kawasaki, japan. simply stunning.

  • @fuzzy  Feb 22

    Thanx for the comments.
    That "plinky sound" in "Mushroom Umwelt" is probably my Northern soprano ukulele.
    There's also a piano in there, too.
    As well, I think you may be the only FAWM member to list "Popol Vuh" as an influence. 😀

  • @howthenightcame Feb 17

    Mate, no pressure but I keep checking back to see if you have a new composition!! Best wishes

  • @standup  Feb 10

    Morphagene was big here, I see in your answer to Shortdan's question. I have one, and I like using it to zoom into microscopic level on a sound. I am also trying to use it "live" with double bass, and I haven't gotten it doing much more than a loop pedal.

    I should probably use a loop pedal for the basic loop functions, and send stuff to Clouds and Morphagene for weirdness. But my concept is to be able to do it live, using only an expression pedal and a footswitch or two. Still searching for the forumula on that.

  • @ladycarolynhyde  Feb 9

    Heya! thank you for your lovely comments and feedback on my tunes so far. It really does help 😉 it is also a joy to listen to your music. always intriguing and beautiful.

  • @jessi14  Feb 7

    This is a really interesting project you've got going there. I hope you are enjoying this years FAWM!

  • @engebretsen  Feb 7

    Nice too see you here too this year.! Looking forward to listen. Have a good fawm!

  • @candle  Feb 7

    Sorry, I guess the Trent-Ricky thing went over my head. It's the shortcoming of internet communications, I guess.

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @zecoop  Feb 7

    Thanks for checking out the creepy subway song! I added some freaky guitar and remixed, so now it is about 1000 times more creepy, in case you wanted to check that out, lol. 😀

  • @torniojaws  Feb 6

    Thanks for the comments 😀 The "mnet" tag is for www.muusikoiden.net which is a Finnish musicians' forum with some 180k members - that's 3,5 % of the population of Finland! We use that tag to find which FAWM songs are by the forum members 😀

  • @popmythology  Feb 6

    Thanks so much for all your comments! I've been consistently enjoying your work on FAWM for a few years now so it was nice hearing from you.

  • @fuzzy  Feb 6

    Melodica does tend to sound shrill, which is why I usually pitch shift it down until it sounds like a pipe organ.

  • @candle  Feb 6

    No I guess Ricky & Trent don't hang out in the same circles - except in wierd ultra-creative online communities like ours! LOL Thanks for the great comment!

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @shortdan  Feb 6

    Aha, I'd wondered if perhaps a Morphagene was involved! I've got one but not really had the time to fully get my head around it yet. Was watching one of @phlex's videos yesterday and wondering if I could use it for vocal looping at some point this month 🤔

  • @caterwauler  Feb 5

    Thank you for your sweet comments.
    No, I don't use a volume pedal for the violining guitar. It's just a custom effect in my pedal (with slow attack, a bit of distortion and I can't remember what else). Whammy bar also plays a large role in the final result. 😀

  • @candle  Feb 5

    Thanks for your kind words on Forgiveness. It is a bit unresolved at the end isn't it? I didn't really notice that until you pointed it out. But you're right, it works!

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @lanasolyluna Feb 5

    Thanks so much for your comment. Will be back for listening soon.

  • @howthenightcame Feb 5

    Hello again. Listened to all four "dissolving frontier" tracks. Best things I've heard on FAWM so far. Very happy I heard you guys!! I didn't comment on parts 3 and 4. My thinking was that if they were left as ZONGs it might increase the chances of you finding a new listener. Keep up the great work, how the night came

  • @mkd  Feb 4

    Thank you for what you said on When I’m Gone... the lap harp is a more portable version of the larger instrument, so it works brilliantly in the space for being able to move freely and not need to sit down etc.

  • @howthenightcame Feb 4

    Cormac McCarthy... fantastic. I'm planning to reread and wrote a western soundtrack for Blood Meridian this year. Heading home now. Will give your tracks a spin later.

  • @candle  Feb 4

    Don't worry about length. You know instinctively when the pieces should end or break. Go with your gut. If you set out to do shorter pieces, stick with that unless your Muse leads you elsewhere. I just like long droning soundscapes that pull the mind out of reality. But all things must end.

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @candle  Feb 4

    Ahh, the Hungarian Scale is also exotic sounding. That fits the tonalities I heard!

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @mkd  Feb 3

    Thank you! And sorry, a kids one will always hit home a little hard.

  • @fuzzy  Feb 3

    Well, not being a "technical" person, your explanation does make a bit of sense to me.
    Doesn't matter, though; I thoroughly enjoyed the result and I look forward to the rest of your output for the month.

  • @mkd  Feb 3

    Thanks for your comment on Bucket List - I think a lot of mine may seem sad his year. (A marked contrast to last year’s album celebrating family life!) My mother in law is living with dementia, and yes, it’s very hard.

  • @kovbleu  Feb 2

    You're first song....so amazing. I downloaded it!!!!! <3

  • @candle  Feb 2

    Thanks for the comment on my Flying Saucer. I'm glad you enjoyed the layers.

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @izaakalexander  Jan 31

    14 songs in 28 days! Best of luck with your FAWM.

  • @guatecoop  Jan 30

    That’s great to have that! We sold out old house in May and bought this house in May, too, then had a baby 3 weeks later. So, I have a great space, but it’s not sound proofed or treated. The sound goes right up to the bedrooms.

  • @tan482  Jan 30

    Happy FAWM 2019!

  • @guatecoop  Jan 30

    Hehehe....yes, proactively contributing is the key to my wife encouraging my musical pursuits. When I am absent or not fully present when there are family obligations is what makes her less keen on FAWM. I have a different recording setup this year just because of that. Night recording will be upstairs and inaudible. Drums are daytime recording and are in the basement.

  • @candle  Jan 27

    Wow, thanks for the Mad Scientist Of FAWM nomination!

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @guatecoop  Jan 27

    Congratulations!!! We had a new son in May, but that’s not really the same as a newborn/infant. It can be done.....I did it 6 years ago with a son in late January. Tread lightly and always contribute/be available with mom. Best wishes to you!

  • @fourzeroes  Jan 26

    Hello and congratulations. 😀

  • @netnoise Jan 25

    Hi. Good to see you here. Congrats on fatherhood. Maybe sleep deprivation will give you some new ideas. I hope we can collab again.

  • @nuj4x Jan 25

  • @candle  Jan 2019

    Looking forward to your songs as well. Congrats on the new son. That's awesome! Happy FAWMing!

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @mkd  Jan 2019

    And a happy FAWM to you too 🙂

  • @krayzie003  Jan 2019

    Thanks for your comment on my board. I'm going to be concentrating on basic EDM styles for film and TV. I think it will be the easiest genre to knock out 10 - 14 songs in the month. I'm not sure how cinematic it will be though. I would love to do some cinematic orchestral type music but it's just too intricate to produce in such a short time frame. Is there anywhere that I can listen to the soundtrack you made?

  • @caterwauler  Jan 2019

    Hello! Glad you're back too. 😀 Have a great FAWM!

  • @chasingandromeda  Jan 2019

    Looking forward to hearing your work. Hope you have an outstanding event!

  • @standup  Jan 2019

    Hope you’re around. Your stuff has been inspirational, and I look forward to hearing more.

  • @mkd  Jan 2019

    Ps - congratulations on your new son! You’ll have more time for FAWM this year and next than you possibly will have for the following ten! 😬

  • @mkd  Jan 2019

    Thank you for making contact! I’m not fully back into the swing of checking regularly so apologies for the delay in seeing it! Your film soundtrack sounds fascinating, I should like to see it.

    Certainly up for trying a collaboration. Last year I was totally focused, having the concept of the family album meant that I came into the month with a notion of what theme each track might cover, and that is the hardest part for me I think. So this year I feel at a total loss.

    As for fitting it around children, I did a lot in evenings after bedtimes and in naptimes on the days I wasn’t working (and therefore had the youngest at home). I couldn’t sustain that longterm but with the buzz of FAWM it really spurred me on! And the kids loved hearing them as they were on most tracks, so they were fairly forgiving of the time it took! I generally spent about 2 hours on a song.