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52222 DE   Jan 2011  

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Influences:   various and widespread: progressive [alan parsons project, jethro tull], irish & scottish folk traditional, folk rock (Lissie), folk and folk metal [ulver, empyrium], artrock (Rush...), medieval music, classical music [dvorak, bartok, kreissler], free impro, contemporary music [philipp glass, john cage], ...

Hi there,

after a long long, too long, absence I´m back again.
Alas, the feb is short and busy. I hope i will find time and peace to do some music.

On the idea list:
+ some nursery rhyme / children songs
+ irish folk tunes
+ rock

Music flows easely, but lyrics are allways playing hide an seek in brain an heart. Hope to unleash them this year!

special thanks to @karan and @sentense for infecting me with fawn and greetings to @grenzgaengerin, @januz, @ryuu, @dukemeyer, @wurzelfrau and @irkaxx.

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