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Hillcrest ZA   Feb 2017  

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Influences:   Betty Lou Mills, The Carpenters, Don Francisco, Cliff Richard, Whitecross, Petra, Jars of Clay, Casting Crowns, Keith Green, Steve Taylor, Newsboys,Allies, Russ Taff and many more

It’s been a year since I decided to throw money time and effort into releasing my first and (possibly only) album titled All God made you be. This Fawm I'd like to focus on the Flip side of the album Basically beautiful.

Like most musicians this landed me with a hole in my bank account and whole box of cd’s in my garage and $0,99 in my cdbaby account for plays on iTunes Spotify and Amazon.

So was it worth it...... Absolutely!

It was never destined for best seller status. But I believe it was the best I could create with the love time and resources I had available.

My kids kind of like it in that awkward way .... that dads a little bit old fashioned jazzy songs are not quite the in thing!

My sister says with a wink it was worth it even if it was just for her kids.

My wife still hasn’t, opened her copy in case it may become a rare collectible (1st copy issued of only 500 copies made, who listens to cd’s these days anyway)

I had to burn cd’s cause in my time we listened to albums. 10 to 15 songs by the same artist in a row the best and the worst of songs hung together in a Title with a thread or message. Somehow I battle to get that in the modern playlist world, though I’m sure you could create it in the same way I used to make mixed TDK cassette tapes for my girlfriend. (Now my wife)

Some of the songs for Basically Beautiful were included on All God made u 2 b but I will include them in this years FAWM to get ideas on How to make them better. Even if those idea's are to get other Fawmers to sing them I do have the backings if anyone is keen.

Happy FAWMING everyone

If You want to Give my Album All God Made You to Be a listen here are the links:

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  • @jorh 9 hours

    Congrats on the album - I’ll check it out! Hope you have a great FAWM. Thanks for all the comments and encouragement last year!